måndag 17 maj 2021

A Change Is Coming, Everything Has An End

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the greatest movie critic of Sweden? Yes, it´s true. Don´t ask me how this is possible, but that´s the way it is.

I have thought for a long time, and i have decided to make a decision. I have been doing this movie review blog now for 10 years this year, and i never thought when i started this blog that i would be doing this for this long. When i started writing in here, i did not get many readers at all. In fact, if you go back and look at some of the earlier reviews from 2011 - 2015, i probably had at most 20 people who read each review, and even less in some reviews. And that´s ok, i never expected this blog to kick off anywhere. But in the last 5 years, things have really turned around, and more people have noticed my reviews, including actors, directors, bloggers, and others. I have several reviews published on different film pages, on official Facebook film pages, and on other web sites, and for that i feel honored. And i plan to write more this whole year, but when 2021 ends, i have a different plan.

My plan is to do something different, and still keep writing reviews, on a different platform. I don´t know where, or when exactly. But i think it is a good time to go in another direction. I won´t stop writing, it will just be in a different place. I have some other ideas as well in the future, that might make me busy doing some other things, so i might be more focused on certain things instead of writing reviews. So i have made a decision, that on New Years Eve of 2021, my final review will be published on Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews, for this blog.

With that said, im not going away from writing. So for all of you who do enjoy my reviews, stay calm, Daniel will still be around, you will just have to see what happens instead. So you will be able to read my reviews in here up until December 31st this year, and then it is the end for my reviews in this blog. I am looking forward to do some other things in life, that is actually connected to the world of films. Can´t give you any details right now, but i will inform you when this year ends. So there are many months left of many movie reviews to look forward to, i just wanted to tell you like it is. I am actually happy about my decision, and this blog will still be online so everyone can go in and read everything i have written, so that won´t change. So, let´s go until the end of this year, and have a good time here on Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews. All of my readers, you are the ones who made this blog possible, so i thank every single one of you. We still have many months left to go, so no worries, i have plenty of fun stuff coming up.

See you out here soon, and remember.....never trust those Norwegians ( we don´t here in Sweden, those cheeky bastards are always up for trouble )

Cheers from Daniel!

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