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Ape vs. Monster

If you go back in the history of film productions, you will find quite a lot of bad monster films, and films with apes as well. After the original King Kong film released in 1933, a lot of studios have copied the idea of a giant ape, and mixed it together with other influences. I know that there are a lot of old films that i have not seen, that used the ideas of King Kong. But there is actually one film from 1976 that i have seen ( not thinking about the 1976 film version of King Kong ), and that is a film simply called Ape, directed by Paul Leder ( who some of you B movie lovers might remember for his 1984 film Vultures, a must see ). Ape is almost like a similar King Kong story, but without any budget or a lot of famous actors. The only actor that i recognized in this film is actress Joanna Kerns, who was in the TV comedy series Growing Pains between 1985 - 1992. Let´s just say she did a lot better in that TV series, than her performance in Ape. So what is this film all about? A 36-foot-gorilla escapes from an oil tanker ( that actually blows up, but this Ape does not get any damage for some strange reason, he must have super powers ), he wrestles a giant great white shark ( that already looks dead, but he wrestle the shark anyway, just in case he might wake up i suppose ). So he manage to get to land, where he later wrestle a python as well. He does destroy some buildings, what else is he supposed to do, he might get bored, right? Ape is one incredible bad King Kong replica that you should see just for a good laugh, and this film have some of the worst acting you could find ( maybe not as bad as Kirk Cameron´s christmas film Kirk Cameron´s Saving Christmas, but still pretty close ). You can actually see the 1976 film Ape for free on YouTube, if you are interested in watching the film. One funny detail is that this film also goes under the title Attack Of The Giant Horny Gorilla, wich is actually one of the best film titles i have ever heard. Too bad that title does not help the film become any more interesting. Since the new Godzilla film was released recently, simply called Godzilla vs. Kong, of course the company The Asylum have made a different version called Ape vs. Monster. I will review Godzilla vs. Kong next month, so i thought i might as well see The Asylum´s version first, just to see if they actually managed to make their best film yet. Is this the masterpiece we have all been waiting for, or is Ape vs. Monster even more terrible than anyone would have imagined?

ELBE, a top-secret-US-Sovjet plan to make contact with alien life, was first launched in 1985. Contact with the probe was lost in 2007, but now it´s returned, and landed in New Mexico. National Security Advisor Ethan Marcos ( Eric Roberts ) sends Dr. Linda Murphy ( Arianna Scott ) and her team to retrieve it before the Russians finds out. And to check on Abraham, the chimpanzee that was in the probe. They find the capsule, but Abraham is nowhere to be seen. Dr. Linda is about to find out, that something happened after the crash, that could cause chaos to the whole world.

If you are going into a film like Ape vs. Monster, you know that there will be bad acting, a bad script and...not the greatest CGI effects of all time. But here is the thing with a guy like me, i watch a film like this for another reason, just to have a good time. This is the kind of film that could help my day become more fun, because this is a film that does not take itself very seriously, and just want to be an entertaining low budget action film. And that is exactly what Ape vs. Monster is, a film that is made for an audience who appreciate low budget films. Of course this film have problems, but i suggest we should look at what works with this film instead. Let us begin with actor Eric Roberts as the character Ethan Marcos. There is just something special in seeing Eric show up in these B movies, it is like he brings something charming with his personality. And that is exactly what he does in this film as well. I still consider him to be a legendary actor, and even if this character is nothing unique, he knows how to act in a certain way, that feels welcome. Actress Arianna Scott as the character Dr. Linda Murphy is exactly the kind lead character a film like this needs, a woman who is determined to solve this situation. I have to mention actress Katie Sereika as Russian bad ass character Eva Kuleshov. I would definetely want to see her in more action films as a Russian, i have a feeling she can crush any balls, anytime. This film actually feels more like of rip off from the Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson film Rampage, than any of the King Kong films. That also makes this film a little fun to watch, especially when the ape is going nuts, and not even the CGI effects can hide the poorly constructed ape body. The reptile is definetely the most fun monster, and actually looks better than the ape. Is there any reason to care about the plot? Not really, it does not help the film become better. The fight between the ape and the reptile is of course a highlight that i appreciate. I would personally say that Ape vs. Monster falls in the category " So Bad It´s Fun To Watch ", and if you can accept that then you might actually get to laugh in this film. Director Daniel Lusko is well known for making low budget films, and this one might actually be his best so far. Not that he have done a fantastic film in any way, but entertaining from a low budget perspective. I might be the only one in this world who had fun with this film, and that is why i think you should see it. I wonder if director Daniel Lusko will have me in a cameo role in one of his future films, i hope so. I have a feeling i could bring something unique to the audience.

Rating: DDD

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