onsdag 5 maj 2021


 Let´s travel back to 1997. This was the year when we had a lot of great album releases from bands and artists such as Depeche Mode, Supergrass, Foo Fighters, Gary Moore, Limp Bizkit, INXS, Rollins Band, Body Count, Blur, Megadeath and many more. I would say that 1997 had a lot to offer when it comes to music, and i watched a lot of MTV videos back in those days, even ZTV shows where they interviewed bands, especially during the summer festivals. But this was not only a good year for music albums, 1997 turned out to have some wonderful film releases as well. Just look at the some of the titles that i will mention, and i think you can agree with me. The Game, Copland, Starship Troopers, Con Air, Jackie Brown, Donnie Brasco, As Good As It Gets, L.A. Confidential, Lost Highway, Austin Powers, we could go on forever. So being 20 years old as i was during this year, it was a perfect music and movie year with so much diversity and different styles. Let´s stay within the film subject, and especially talk about one film from 1997. And that is the 1997 sci fi action film The Fifth Element from legendary director Luc Besson. A very different sci fi film than we were used to see, where Luc Besson really managed to combine comedy and action into a great looking futuristic film. This was also the moment when we got to see Bruce Willis prove that he could also do something different from his ordinary action films. The film takes place in the 23rd century, where a taxicab driver and former special forces major Korben Dallas ( Bruce Willis ), have a young woman named Leeloo ( Milla Jovovich ) fall into his cab. It turns out that Leeloo must get four mystical stones that can save Earth from an impending attack of a malevolent cosmic entity. The Fifht Element is a really fun ride with great characters, plenty of action and most of all, i love the visual style of Luc Besson in this sci fi world. Bruce Willis tried the sci fi genre again in 2010 with the film Surrogates. Not bad if you ask me, but definetely not as entertaining as The Fifht Element. Since last year Bruce Willis have released 2 new sci fi action films, where one is called Breach and the other is called Cosmic Sin. I decided to check one of them out, since i am a fan of Bruce Willis action films. Is this the best sci fi film that Bruce Willis have done since The Fifth Element, or is this a really horrible film that you should stay away from?

Earth is suffering an extinction level event, 300.000 survivors are selected to board a spaceship called the Ark wich will take them to a new colony called New Earth. But an unknown parasite that is on board this ship, is taking over human bodies and turning them into zombies. If the rest of the passengers want to survive, they must find a way to destroy these parasites.

This film starts off really bad, and when you don´t have a good start, how are you supposed to be interested in the rest of the film? At least this film does make an attempt to become more fun, when the space zombies finally get into action. But to be honest, this film struggle with a lot of problems. First of all, the characters in this film does nothing to me. I don´t feel sorry for anyone, or care if someone dies. It does not feel like any of the actors really care about their characters. The only fun moment is to watch Bruce Willis drink alcohol all the time, because he does not give a shit. He just wants his paycheck so he can go home and watch TV, and have some cold beers from the fridge. Another problem is that the action scenes are not well made at all, and i have seen ( a lot ) of zombie films that are much more fun than Breach. As an example, Bruce Willis attack some zombies with a flame thrower and none of them are burning. Do the zombies have a protective shield of some kind that we can´t see, or is the flame thrower so weak it can´t even make the fire work? They later find out a way to make the flame thrower more effective, by using special ingredients. But the zombies does not even burn then, they just melt and their clothes are not even ruined. The acting in this film is probably what you could have guessed, not good at all. And i can accept bad acting in B movies, but if you don´t really care about the characters that you are playing, then what is the point in being in this film? The spaceship design looks so cheap, it could have been built from a Corn Flakes package. I know that Bruce Willis is no longer delivering fantastic films, and that´s ok. As long as we see him do ordinary action films, i can accept that. But to see him fighting space zombies with no effort to make the film fun, does not help his career. Director John Suits probably wanted to make a cool looking action horror film, but without the budget and no good characters, Breach falls flat to the ground. If you want to watch a fun sci fi action film, go watch Attack Of The Unknown with Richard Grieco on VOD, DVD or Blu Ray, and aviod Breach for your own good.

Rating: DDD

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