fredag 14 maj 2021

Books Of Blood

The movie industry have definetely changed since streaming services have found a wide audience worldwide. Not all films are made of well known films studios such as Warner Home Entertainment, Universal Studios or Paramount Pictures. And this give a lot of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Studios, Hulu, Shudder and many more, a chance to bring us many different kinds of films from well known director´s, but also from new director´s as well. I am all for streaming services, especially in this pandemic, since we can´t see all films in cinema as we used to do. And this is definetely a moment when people might discover films that they may not have seen, thanks to streaming services. And i think this is a really good chance, especially for independent films to be discovered, since DVD´s are not selling as good as they used to do. I have personally seen quite a lot of films, that have been released exclusive by streaming services. One of the films that comes to my mind, is the apocalyptic horror film Blood Quantum from director Jeff Barnaby. If you are a fan of apocalyptic zombie fans, i would say that Blood Quantum is probably what you are looking for. One thing i especially appreciated about Blood Quantum, is that this film takes place in the early 80´s, and manage to capture the time period through costume design, as well as great characters as well. One more interesting detail that i should mention, is that this film have a connection with an Indian Reservation, and this add some historical importance to some of the characters, and their background. Blood Quantum is definetely worth checking out on Shudder, or if you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. I have noticed that Hulu have some films i have not checked out yet, and one of the films is a horror film called Books Of Blood, based on the book by Clive Barker. I did see the 2009 film Book Of Blood, that is also based on the anthology stories of Clive Barker, and it was alright. So i was very curious to see if Books Of Blood would deliver anything unique or different, considering that Clive Barker have written some fantastic novels. Is this one of the best films released from Hulu, or is Book Of Bloods not as good as i was hoping for?

There is a book, that is supposed to be very unique, simply called Book Of Blood. Once you find this book, and learn the stories, your life may never be the same again.

If you enjoyed the film Book Of Blood, then i have some good news for you. This sequel is actually not bad, and have some interesting stories to tell. I have no idea if these stories are told well from the actual stories that author Clive Barker wrote, but as an anthology film, i feel that Books Of Blood is a well crafted horror film with something for everyone to enjoy. The stories in this film are quite different, and this is one of the things i enjoy about anthology horror films, if they manage to tell each story and make them work. And in Books Of Blood, i would say that each story finds a way to go into the world of Clive Barker, in their own unique ways. I would not call this a very brutal anthology horror film, but the horror elements match well together. So let´s talk about the main stories and what i liked about them. Let us begin with the first one called Jenna. The one thing i especially enjoy about this story, is that we follow the character Jenna ( played well by actress Britt Robertson ), who is suffering with mental illness. We get to see her bad moments, when everything falls apart, and in the story of Jenna, we really get the feeling of her struggling through the powerful acting of actress Britt. She must have done a lot of research of how to play a mentally ill patient, and this is something she manage to capture in her facial expressions and body language. Perhaps the ending could have been a bit stronger, but otherwise an interesting story. The second story is called Miles, and tells the story of a woman named Mary ( Ana Friel ) who is approached by a psychic called Simon ( Rafi Gavron ), who claims he is in contact with her dead son. We have seen similar stories such as Miles before, but for the most part this story works, thanks to the interesting twist towards the end, that includes an unexpected turn. The final story called Bennet is connected with the previous stories, so all the puzzles falls into one piece towards the end. As a horror anthology film, Books Of Blood may not offer a lot of original ideas, but have enough strong horror elements to please the audience. Director Brannon Braga understand the source material, and manage to bring us the world of Clive Barker in a stylish, and professional way. If you are a fan of Clive Barker, you should check this film out. Anyone feel like reading books after this film? I definetely feel inspired to visit the book store.

Rating: DDD

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