tisdag 28 december 2021

Death Valley

There are a lot of people who believe we have underground facilities where experiments takes place, or where there are scientists hiding very important information about technology. Do i believe any of this is true? I don´t know, i will say that i do believe that governments all over the world have always kept secrets from the outside world. Of course they would not tell us evetything, and why should they? There are probably a lot of projects that have been made, that is meant to be secret for a number of reasons. I am curious though about certain cases, such as The Roswell Incident that took place during the summer of 1947, near a ranch in Corona, New Mexico. It was here that rancher W.W. Brazell found material from flying saucers, scattered around the area outside his ranch. He took the material to sheriff´s office in Roswell, where the sheriff contacted Major Jesse Marcel. To get more answers, Major Marcel took the pieces found to Colonel William Blanchard, who took this matter very seriously. Blanchard reported the findings to General Roger Ramey at Fort Worth Army Air Field, who made sure that the material found would be investigated. We all know that there have been a lot of specualtaions about The Roswell Incident, where some people claimed that it was only a weather balloon found around the ranch in Corona. While others say that the material that was found, was in fact from real UFO´s. Will we ever know the whole truth about The Roswell Incident? I don´t think so, since it seems to becoming harder finding physical evidende in this case. Thankfully, some people who have worked at Area 51 have spoken out in public, so we do have some details. We also have other witnessess who have told their stories, who remember the summer of 1947, living in the same area. It is definetely an interesting case, and i believe we will continue looking for answers. Since i mentioned underground facilities earlier, there are some films that have brought this up in films such as The Devil´s Tomb from director Jason Connery ( who you might remember from the Western comedy Shanghai Noon ). The Devil´s Tomb tells the story of an elite group of Special Operations soldiers, led by Captain Mack ( Cuba Gooding, Jr ) who are sent out to a mission in the Middle East desert, to rescue a scientist named Lee Wesley ( Ron Perlman ) from an archaeological dig. It turns out that this location seems to be a place called Gehenna Project, and is no ordinary archaeological location. The Devil´s Tomb from 2009 is a fun action horror film with fun characters, and a fun cast that includes Henry Rollins, Bill Moseley and Ray Winstone. Definetely worth picking up on DVD or Blu Ray ( you won´t find this one on Netflix ). Speaking of secret undergound locations, i have been hearing this autumn about a film released by Shudder, known as Death Valley. The trailer seemed to be a fun combination of Resident Evil meets The Devil´s Tomb ( with some differences of course ). I finally got a chance to sit down and experience Death Valley, so the question is, did this film turn out to be better than i expected, or is Death Valley just as bad as former boxer Oscar De La Hoyaz latino pop album from the year 2000?

Mercenaries are hired to rescue a bioengineer imprisoned in a cold war bunker. As they arrive to the location, they are about to find out, underneath these doors walks an unknown creature.

If you were worried that you could not end the year of 2021 in a positive, loving way, then i have some wonderful news to you. Death Valley is exactly how you celebrate the end of a year, because what more could you ask for than a monster running around in an underground military facility, where you even find zombies? This is definetely a film that will be appreciated if you love films such as Xtro 2, The Devil´s Tomb and Resident Evil combined. You could say that this film have borrowed ideas from a lot of similar films, and i have no problem with that. The way i see it, is that we need a film like Death Valley to be released in 2021, because we need the legacy of sci fi horror that reminds us of the 80´s and 90´s to continue. There is a new generation of teenagers out there who need to see why a film like this is so important to be made, so they can learn to appreciate the true classics. So what is it specifically i appreciate with a film such as Death Valley? First of all the monster design looks really good. This may be the best monster design i have seen for many years, knowing that this is all made from practical make up effects. The details on this creature is quite incredible, when you see the monster in full, and i guarantee that you won´t find any film that have done better practical make up effects than in Death Valley this year, in independent horror films. I think the military facility works well with the atmosphere of the monster, as he walks around looking for new victims. What about the plot? To be honest there is not a lot of plot in this film, and that´s ok. A film like Death Valley does not need a complicated plot, we just need big guns, a monster and some fun dialogue. The characters in this film actually works for the most part, and especially the duo actors known as Jeremy Ninaber and Ethan Mitchell as the characters James Beckett and Marshall. You can feel their chemistry on screen, and they are a great match for a film like this. Actres Kristen Kaster as the character Chloe is exactly the right female character to be in a military facility, bringing some female power into the plot. My only real problem with Death Valley is that i would have liked to see more brutal fights between the monster and the military crew. With such a cool design of the creature, i just feel like we could have had more blood and flesh wounds. Otherwise i can´t complain, since this is a fun film for audiences wordwide. Director Matthew Ninaber combine a lot of classic ingredients, and have managed to make a film that brings back the good old days of VHS action horror releases. If you plan to end 2021 with a film on Shudder, you should spend the countdown in the company of Death Valley, and i guarantee you will feel pleased with the beginning of 2022.

Rating: DDD

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