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The 5 Worst Movies Of 2021

 It´s the most wonderful time of the year!

At least that what they say, especially when Christmas and New Years Eve arrives. It is the perfect time to rewind and look back at the whole year, and remind ourselves what films we did enjoy, what films that surprised us, and of course....what films were really bad. My favourite list every year, when it comes to listening to films critics, is their lists of their worst films of the year. That´s when you see their emotions all come out, some get angry, some great frustrated, while some go completely insane on a mega rant level.

When it comes to my choices for The 5 Worst Movies Of 2021, i had to look back and make sure i picked 5 films in the right order. It was not hard to 5 films for this list, i just had to figure out what film was worse than the other one. So i feel honored to give you all, my personal picks for this years worst films, i hope you all enjoy this adorable list.

1. The Last Inn

What do you do when you have run out of ideas completely, have no money for CGI effects and have actors who does not even want to be there? You make a film such as The Last Inn. This is a film that is so horrible, that it is quite hard to explain. But let´s give it a try shall we? Imagine a girl crashing her car into a tree, close to a mountain that suddenly is not there, and she is afraid of slippers that suddenly appeared, sounds exciting right? I seriously doubt you will find any horror film this year that is more horrible than The Last Inn. There is absolutely nothing interesting in this film, it´s just hillariously bad.

2. Faith Under Fire

If anyone ever thought you could not make a bad film about cancer, i can tell you right now that it is possible. Faith Under Fire is not only the worst cancer drama i have ever seen, it is a film that deliver quite a lot of strange scenes, as if they forgot to focus on the girl who is supposed to have cancer. Considering that actors such as Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain is in this film, you might think that they will make the film better? There is nothing they can do to save this film. Since the film is badly directed, and the plot is not good either, it feels like director Joel Paul Reisig did not really care about this religious film, or he really thought that this would be the best way to tell a story about cancer. Either way, Faith Under Fire might be remembered as the most odd cancer film ever, so i suppose that´s something to be pleased about, right ?

3. God´s Not Dead - We The People

Anyone feel like watching a patriotic evangelical drama film about a case of home schooling that is brought to court? Oh, that many of you? I am guessing it´s because you want to see former General Hospital actor Antonio Sabato Jr. act again, and he does, but not in a good way. God´s Not Dead - We The People is the 4th film in the God´s Not Dead franchise, and for each film that comes out, it does not seem to be getting any better. And this latest film is a perfect example of that. This is a film that is made to make you feel sorry for evangelical Christians about home schooling. I don´t feel sorry for their characters, i feel more sorry for myself not being able to visit the local strip club, because of pandemic restrictons. God´s Not Dead - We The People will only please church people and Trump supporters, the rest of us would rather go out for a lap dance and some drinks than watch this film.

4. Breach ( Anti-Life )

Have you been waiting to see a tired Bruce Willis in space, fighting zombies, and delivering dialogue that is just as exciting as giving a plant some water? Then you have come to the right place, in the company of Breach. This is a perfect example why the career of Bruce Willis have died, since he accepts bad films such as this one. I have no idea why actor Thomas Jane is here as well, he have actually made some good films in the past ( i especially enjoyed his 2004 film The Punisher ). Not only is the action boring in Breach, not even the zombies are any good. Breach is a very good example, of when you make a bad decision in your career, and you would most likely regret it. Somehow, i get the feeling that Bruce Willis does not care at all anymore, wich is such a shame. There used to be a time when he actually made good films, and Breach might proof that we can´t expect that to happen again.

5. Music

I am always interested in films that brings up the life of people, living with a disease, or with a diagnose that may affect their ordinary day life, and if they are in need of help to make their ordinary day work. When i first heard of the film Music, about a young girl with autism, i was curious about this film, since i have worked both with teenagers with autism and adults with autism as well. Unfortunatley, Music is not a film that does a good job on portraying autism realistically. My biggest problem with this film is that director Sia threw in musical numbers, instead of focusing on the autistic girl Music ordinary day. If you are going to make a film about autism, make sure to make it as realistic as possible. Music tries to go in a different direction, and ends up delivering a very strange mix that does not match well. In the end, Music leaves you asking questions such as:- And the point of this film was.....? Director Sia probably meant well with this film, but she clearly missed the mark with autism.

There you go, my 5 picks of the worst films of this year. As you might have seen, i picked very different genres, and that makes this list interesting of course. If you are curious to check out any of the films, even if i did not enjoy them, feel welcome to do so. This is just my personal opinion, and it´s ok if you don´t agree with me. Let´s hope that 2022 will be the year of really good films, and less bad films. You can always hope, i guess we will have to see. Thank you for reading my reviews this year, and have a happy new year.

Cheers from Daniel

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