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The Last Inn

A lot of people worldwide believe in ghosts, or should i say spirits. No matter how you want to describe them, there are people saying that some spirits never leave completely. They might stay on one location, for a certain reason. They might be attached to a certain room, that may explain why they can´t leave. Paranormal investigators are usually the ones to call, when you want to find out answers, to why some spirits stay in your home. If they can get answers from the spirit, they will do everything they can to communicate to the spirit. But talking to ghosts in not everything you can do, and it seems that we are more open minded these days.  Apparently, you can even be married to ghosts, like 32-year-old British woman, Amethyst Realm was, until she called of the wedding, because her ghost future husband cheated on her in Thailand ( he was drunk, maybe explains why he did it ). Who would not end your relationship, if your ghost partner cheated? For me personally, i would probably tell my ghost girlfriend that i have plenty of ghosts lined up for a date, just to make her jealous. Why accept the situation, and make something good about it instead? Since we are talking about ghosts. there are a lot of good Hollywood films that have brought up the subject, in many different stories. One of the films i personally enjoy, is the 2007 psychological horror film 1408 from director Mikael Håfström ( definetely his best film so far in his career ). 1408 tells the story of Mike Enslin ( played by John Cusack ), an author who investigates allegedly haunted houses. He does not believe in ghosts, or paranormal activities. He is just making a living writing about the places he visits, knowing that there are people who want to read about these places. But as he checks in to the room 1408, at The Dolphin hotel in New York, he is about to find out that ghosts may actually exists. 1408 is not only a really well made horror film, but it also brings up a very interesting subject about paranormal activities, and how a meeting can affect us, both mentally and physically. Definetely worth picking up on DVD or Blu Ray, if you are a horror fan. There are a lot of independent horror films released every year that bring up paranormal activities or ghost stories, and one of the films i came across is called The Last Inn. Not knowing much about the film, i decided to give the film a chance on VOD. Is it possible that this is the film that´s much better than i expected, or is The Last Inn just as horrible as the 1998 Kid Rock album Devil Without A Cause?

Laura ( Emily Hall ) is on a road trip, and during a thunder storm, she almost hit people standing out on the road. Luckily, she wakes up with only a few bruises. The car is done, so she starts walking and find a big mansion, that seems to be a hotel called The Lawst Inn. She have no idea, what is waiting for her behind the walls of this hotel.

I have seen a lot of films that have used all the ingredients that you can find in The Last Inn. In fact, i believe they have tried to throw in as many clichés as possible in this film, and thought it would work. And this is my biggest problem with this film, they used too many ideas, and can´t make any horror elements work in this film. This is not a horror film that knows how to build up tensions, or find any effective way to make the audience interested in the story. This is the kind of horror film that relies too much on repeating everything we have seen before, without any passion. And there are some very strange scenes, such as when the main character Laura crash into a tree, right next to a mountain. When she wakes up she crashed into a tree out on a highway, with no mountain to be seen, makes perfect sense, right? Plus her bag was in the car when she crashed into the tree, but as she steps outside, her bag is suddenly out on the highway, next to the car? This bag must be able to move on it´s own, with magical powers. Another scene, Laura is in the shower at the mansion hotel, when someone is trying to get in to her room, her hair is all wet. As she opens the door, hair is not wet anymore? It must be one good air condition in that room. Another scene when Laura walks between rooms, a door opens and a pair of slippers are suddenly there, and she runs in fear? Are slippers really that scary? I know this film is made on a limited budget, but that is no excuse to make a film as bad as The Last Inn. I have seen horror films made on a limited budget of barely nothing, and they still turn out to be pretty good. The Last Inn is just a cash in project to try and make people rent this film, hoping that paranormal horror fans will be curious to check it out. What about the special effects? They are really bad, and you will find out for yourself what i mean if you do decide to watch this film. It´s like they did not put any effort to make the effects look fun, but just go for lazy film making instead. What about the acting? This is also a big issue with this film. Basically all of the actors in this film does not even seem to care about their characters, or actually try to act. It´s like they are just there because they signed the contract to make this film, just to get paid. I will say this though, actress Emily Hall looks great, no question about that. But her acting in this film is very limited, and you will see this very clear, as the film goes on. Some of the scenes where she is trying to portrait scared, does not even feel like she is in danger. I will admit though that there are some scenes i did laugh a lot, simply because they were so bad that it felt more like a parody than a horror film. So i will say that director David Kuan did manage to make this film entertaining, for a short brief of time. That was probably not his intentions, but he clearly have big problems making a horror film. There is a chance that The Last Inn could be a film you will talk about in the future, for being one of the strangest horror films in recent years. And it´s not because this film have anything to offer, it´s more about some of the odd choices they made while making this film that makes no sense at all. I have no problem saying that The Last Inn is definetely the worst film of 2021.

Champagne for everyone? I definetely feel like i could celebrate right now, after all, i did experience The Last Inn.

Rating: D

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