söndag 19 december 2021

The Best Movie Of 2021 Is.....

Cheers everyone!

2021 is coming to an end and this year have had a lot of wonderful films to offer. There have been some bad ones of course ( and really bad ones such as The Last Inn ), but it is time to pick my choice for The Best Film Of 2021. I had to think a lot before I made my choice, but I went for what i personally felt. This is the film that grabbed me from start to finish, and emotionally touched me. This year it was especially one film that felt really powerful, with a very honest portrait of how you handle yourself, when everything you lived for crashes down, and the film i am talking about is.....

Sound Of Metal 

Talk about a film experience we don't get to see often, and this film managed to hit the right spots. Lead actor Riz Ahmed in the role as drug addict drummer Ruben Stone is absolutely brilliant. The way he express grief, anger, frustration, as he finds out he can no longer hear, is really powerful. Sound Of Metal show how we sometimes are forced to change our lives, even how difficult it may feel. Director Darius Marder deliver a film that you will not forget, and give a realistic portrait of how difficult life is, when we have no other choice than finding a way to deal with everything. If you have not read my review of Sound Of Metal, go check it out published in May this year. A film you definetely should see. 

A few reviews left this year to be published, so stay tuned for more fun. 

Cheers from Daniel 

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