fredag 24 december 2021

The Reason Why I Planned To End My Reviews

Cheers everyone!

2021 is definetely getting closer to an end, and it has definetely been a crazy year. We had the success of Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium, that had no election fraud evidence, we had Pastor Greg Locke going on a massive rant rampage on masks, we even had the Feldman himself....Corey Feldman, getting everyone on the dancefloor to his summer smash hit Feeling Funky. So all of this proves that 2021 definetely had something to offer everyone. 

Now, I don't usually go very private in here, simply because this blog is about reviews. But I want to be honest to my readers worldwide why I planned to end this blog, without getting too personal. 2021 have been a rough year for me personally,  for personal reasons. And I felt that my inspiration for writing have been affected,  that at this point i have lost the passion for writing reviews. That does not mean i will stop writing forever, I just need a break and listen to the signs that my body have clearly shown. Its not worth forcing yourself to do something, unless you really feel that you want to do it. So this is where I am today, and I definetely need this break to figure out what the future holds for me. I have decided to still work on my script for Rebecca, because this is a film im hoping to get made in the future.  But im not rushing anything with the script either, I just need to land a bit, and feel when its time to continue. All the reviews in here will be here as usual, no changes will be made. If anything happens and I will change my mind i will let you know. So in 2022 i will definetely be focusing on other things, just to get back on track, and if I do this in a positive way, my hope is to find the passion of writing reviews once again.  I have a few reviews left to finish before the year ends, but i want to thank everyone who have been reading my reviews in here for years, it has been an honor to give you my reviews for 10 years. And who knows....I might return if im back on track,  no matter if its here on somewhere else, im not going away forever. So I hope you all enjoy the last upcoming reviews of this year, enjoy the holidays and I will see you all soon. 

Cheers from Daniel 

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