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Films Of The Early 2000´s : National Lampoon´s Repli-Kate ( 2002 )

The early 2000´s, what a unique time it was. We got to experience the end of the 90´s, wich was quite special. Knowing that we would leave all the great things about that great time period of the happy days of the 90´s, i was actually excited about the Millenium, and what the 2000´s would offer. And you know what, there are some things that actually did hit right with the time period. Let us begin with the release of Limp Bizkit´s third studio album Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water, an album that have been hated by music critics ever since the album came out, but this is still today one of their most beloved studio albums by fans. Even if you are not a fan of the band, you can´t deny that this album did well. In fact, the first week that the album was released, it sold over 1 million copies. Incredible numbers right? It´s not strange why this album was so popular back in the year of 2000. With songs such as My Way, Take A Look Around, Boiler, Rollin and My Generation as singles, you just could not do anything wrong. It´s the perfect album to listen to the car on high volume, to teach todays teenager about a time, when we did not need Tik Tok or social media to have fun, we had mosh pits and stage dived instead. Early 2000 also offered some really fun films, and one of the true classics is the 2000 comedy Dude, Where´s My Car? Actors Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott play the two stupid dudes named Jesse and Chester, who wakes up with a bad hangover. When they go outside the notice that Jesse´s car is missing. So they decide to go look for the car, since they have no idea what happened yesterday. Dude, Where´s My Car? is one of those comedies you can put on any day and just have a good time. The characters are silly, the girls are hot, and the dialogue is just silly but fun. I especially love the car scene with model Fabio Lanzoni, it´s a classic. I decided to take a look back at comedies from the early 2000´s and see what films i have not seen so far. There were quite a lot of titles that i have forgotten about, since there were so many comedies made back in those days. This is where i came across a DVD release of National Lampoon´s Repli-Kate, a film i heard of but actually never took the time to see, until now. Is this comedy a pleasant surprise, or is National Lampoon´s Repli-Kate even worse than i expected?

Max Fleming ( James Roday Rodriquez ) is a graduate student who has developed a powerful cloning machine for the egotistical Dr. Jonas Fromer ( Eugene Levy ). Jonas takes all the credit for this project, wich Max is not pleased about. He meets Kate Carlson ( Ali Landry Monteverde ), a young and beautiful magazine reporter preparing a story on the cloning research at the university. During the interview, Kate accidently cut herself, and a few drops of blood mingle with one of the cloning samples. Later that night, Max runs a test with the machine, and to his surprise he ends up with a replicant of Kate, wich he names Repli-Kate. At first he is happy about having a cloning of Kate, until things start getting out of control.

Since comedies these days barely make me laugh much at all, you can sense that a lot of directors do not know how to make comedies anymore. Especially now when extreme Swedish feminists try and tell everyone what is allowed, and what is forbidden. And this is one of the reasons why we need a film like Repli-Kate to exist on DVD. This is a comedy that rely on booze, sex, nudity, male dreams, everything that the exteme Swedish feminists pretty much hate. Remember, this film came out in 2002, wich proves that you could still make a film like this without getting your head chopped of. And i feel that with everything that we have gone through since early 2020, we need something silly to enjoy, to remember the good days. Is this a stupid film? Yes, and that´s ok. I am not expecting a film like this to be a Oscar winner, i just want to have a good time with silly characters and sex jokes. Let´s get into the characters. Actress Ali Landry Monteverde who plays two versions of Kate in this film, actually deliver some funny scenes. Not every scene ( especially one scene is bad ), but she does have comedy timing. I like the idea of her playing 2 very different versions of herself, it kind of reminds me a bit of the 1985 classic Weird Science, but with a different plot. The highlight of this film is actor Desmond Askew, who plays the sidekick Henry. Now, this guy have really good comedy timing, and is definetely the one who deliver the funniest dialogue. Actor James Roday Rodriguez as the nice guy Max, is clearly having problems with handling two different Kate´s. He is not really good at comedy timing, but his character do have some charming dialogue. Legendary comedian Eugene Levy ( mostly known for American Pie ) do bring some fun scenes as the character Jonas Fromer. I would have liked to see him in more scenes, but he does a good job portraying his character. The idea of combning cloning a human in a comedy have been done before, but Repli-Kate do this in a different way by being more vulgar and don´t care about limits. This is why this film works, when the comedy scenes hit the right tone. Even if Repli-Kate is silly sometimes, i still had a good time watching this film. If you are in the right mood, it is possible Repli-Kate can make your day better.

Rating: DDD

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