tisdag 28 januari 2014

Bad Milo!

Many people older than me would probably say they prefer old classic monster movies from the 50´s and 60´s. Personally i think it became more fun in the 80´s, with movies such as Basket Case, Critters, Ghoulies, Gremlins and many other titles. There were more humour, and more crazy stories to be told in the 80´s , and of course more nudity, that became a classic ingrediens. You could probably say the 80´s had a lot to offer, even if the budget was small and the actors were sometimes terrible, you would still have a great time. Anyone of you remember Night Of The Creeps ? Got to buy the new release on this one, such a wonderful family movie. Bad Milo! is said to be a tribute to old classic monster movies of the 80´s, and for that i just had to check this out. The trailer looked really fun, so i kind of knew what this might be but not with too high expectations. Is Bad Milo! a classi B movie perfect at Birthday Parties for kids, or is this a straight to dvd crap release as made for mommy boys still living at home at the age of 35 ?

Duncan ( Ken Marino ) have a good job as an accountant, and a beautiful wife named Sarah ( Gillian Jacobs ). But his stomach have become bad lately so he needs help, and during a medical examination, something is seen inside of Duncan. Not knowing what it is, the doctor suggest that they need to go in with a camera, the next time Duncan have a booked time to the doctor. Sarah suggest Duncan visit Highsmith ( Peter Stormare ), a well known therapist and a hypnosist. But one night while sitting in the toilet, he shits out a demon who kills one of his work friends. Next day Duncan wakes up, passed out in the bathroom, not knowing what happened until he hear the news. Back at work, Duncan´s boss tell him to forget about what happened, and help him fire people from the company. Duncan decide to go back to Highsmith, to try and get help even if he is skeptical. As he is hypnotized, the demon climbs out of Duncan´s ass and run away outside. Highsmith thinks he knows what this demon is, as he finds a chapter in a book about anus demons. But he warns Duncan, if he kill the demon, he might kill a part of himself, since the demon is connected to his body.

Oh god i laughed so many times watching Bad Milo!. This is just like going back to the 80´s into monster slasher comedies, and they actually managed to find the right tone with this story. Milo himself is really well made, almost like a mix of a mutated worm and Jabba The Hut with large teeth and a smaller body. Bad Milo! is the best monster horror comedy made on low budget for many many years, especially thanks to Peter Stormare as Highsmith, he is so funny as the very odd hypnosist. Ken Marino does a very good performance as Duncan, it must have been hard trying to look serious, as he shits out a demon out of his ass. Bad Milo! is not only a tribute to the 80´s classics i grew up with, but thanks to director Jacob Vaughan he makes sure this genre is still around in 2014. And for that i have to thank him, because we need movies like this made today in society. When studios make big budget box office hits, they usually forget that it´s not always the money that matters. What matters is if you have the passion to do what you like, and to know what the audience wants. And this is where Bad Milo! make a big strike, this is exactly what we want, in all ages. Let´s be honest, Tony Irving will hate this one for sure, but who cares ? Bad Milo! will make you laugh so hard, you might have an orgasm before you even know it. The dvd is on the way out all over Europe this spring, but you can buy this movie from Usa, support B movies like this one, you won´t regret you did.

Rating: DDDD

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