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The Wolf Of Wall Street

If you were to travel to Brooklyn, NY, and say to italians that you have no idea who Martin Scorsese is, they would tear your ass apart. Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time, did you read that Twilight fans ? The list of his great movies are endless, and there are so many fantastic motion pictures to choose between. Most people would probably say Taxi Driver is his masterpiece, and it is. But still, he have done so many other amazing movies that you can´t ignore them. Leonardo Di Caprio, pretty boy from Titanic, have proved himself to be a really great actor, and have worked with Martin Scorsese in 4 other movies earlier. Gangs Of New York, The Aviator, The Departed and Shutter Island. And here we are, where Martin Scorsese work with Di Caprio for a 5th time in his latest motion picture The Wolf Of Wall Street. As the title may suggest, we have a story about Wall Street. Set in the 80´s, with a fantastic cast and an Amazing director, is The Wolf Of Wall Street another classic motion Picture of Martin Scorsese, or is this a turn into the wrong side of the border ?

The year is 1987. Jordan Belfort ( Leonardo Di Caprio ) is trying hard to get a job at Wall Street. He suddenly get a chance, when his new boss Mark Hanna ( Matthew McConaughey ) hire him into his firm. Mark tell Jordan what he needs to do to handle a job at Wall Street. Make sure you use cocaine and sleep with many girls to succeed with the job. But one day the worst possible thing happends. Jordan have to leave the firm, since there is no more money and have to close the firm. Without a job, and no idea how to find a new one quickly, Jordan´s wife Teresa Petrillo ( Cristin Milioti ) suggest he look for a job in the newspaper. He manage to find a job advertise, about a Long Island boiler room, who handles penny stocks. Jordan is hired quickly, as they see he have the ability to fool customers to buy penny stocks, that are actually not worth anything. Jordan becomes so powerful, he begins to take over the boiler room. Jordan meet his neighbour Donnie Azoff ( Jonah Hill ) who is sick of his life. Jordan suggest they open a new firm together, as he show Donnie how much money he makes in a month. As the new firm is created, with new staff members hired, they give the firm the name Stratton Oakmont. Business is going great, money keep coming in, and they all get new pussy and drugs all the time. At one of his parties, Jordan meets Naomi Lapaglia ( Margot Robbie ), a woman he start to have an affair with. Terese finds out after seeing them in a limousine and decide she wants a divorce. Jordan begins a new life, and marry Naomi. But problems become an issue, when FBI agent Patrick Denham ( Kyle Chandler ) is investigating Jordan for several crimes. Jordan is not worried, he continue to live his rich life and do what he wants. Stratton Oakmont is becoming even bigger, and with all that cash coming in, Jordan is not going to quit for any laws or criminal decisions.

After sitting 3 hours in the cinema seat, i could not fall asleep at any moment. This is so good i think every guy in the audience got an erection from the powerful performance of Leonardo Di Caprio. I would dare to say this is his best performance ever in a motion picture, simply outstanding. The Wolf Of Wall Street punch you right in the face, with a brutal and honest portrait about Wall Street life. I am not saying this is exactly what happened in the real life of Jordan Belfort, but this is based on his biography so i would guess most of this is the truth. Rich people will continue to live like this, and they never seem to get enough. You can have a mansion, luxury cars, get lots of girls, but still you are not satisfied. And this is where Leonardo Di Caprio does his character so well, he really show how you can live on the top, where there are no limits of what you can´t do. Martin Scorsese direction style is once again fantastic, both visual and with his own unique style. It seems that every time he works with Di Caprio, they have a chemistry that always deliver on the big screen. I am most surprised about Jonah Hill, this is his best performance ever in a motion picture, i laughed so many times seeing his character on screen time. You might 3 hours is way too long. Hell no, The Wolf Of Wall Street never gets boring, this is exactly how you make a movie if it is going to be 3 hours, and Martin Scorsese knows exactly what he is doing. I really hope Di Caprio and Martin Scorsese win awards at the Oscar Academy Awards, they both deserve for their work on this amazing motion picture. Stay away from Kärlek Deluxe, and make sure you go see this one. I promise you will not regret that choice.

Rating: DDDD

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