fredag 10 januari 2014

Skinwalker Ranch

Found footage horror movies have made an impact on audiences. Just look at the box office numbers, or dvd sales on some of the releases ? I suppose people are tired of CGI effects only, and see the quality behind making horror on a very low budget. Usually i try and look for the low budget ones that comes out, because there is so much work behind the releases. In a big movie company they can spend millions of dollars easily, while the smaller companies they have to keep the budget all the way. Speaking of found footage, how many of you have heard about the Ufo sightings at Skinwalker Ranch ? I had no idea, i guess you might know about this if you read online, or hear interviews on Youtube. Some people in my family belive in Ufo´s and aliens, i am more skeptical, since i need evidence before i belive in anything. Skinwalker Ranch is a found footage horror movie, based on the true events happening in Utah. Is this Another highlight in the found footage genre, or another one you will soon forget going straight to dvd ?

At the Skinwalker Ranch, owner Hoyt ( Jon Gries ) still have no answers to what happened to his son, who disappeared 10 years ago. A team of investigators on paranormal activity , including Sam ( Steve Berg ), Lisa ( Erin Cahill ) and co workers,  travel out to the farm, to try and find evidence on sightings. Hoyt try to explain what he have experienced, not knowing if he will ever see his son again. As the days go by, more sightings are being noticed. But that´s not all, it is clear someone is watching them, as they begin to disappear one by one.

Bloody Disgusting was actually the reason why i checked this movie out. They simply loved this one and i actually got curious. For a found footage horror movie, does it deliver anything fresh ? No. Is it any good at all? Yes, thankfully because of good acting, and some of the effects are not so bad. There is a creepy feeling while you watch what is going on at this cattle ranch, and for that i must say director Devin McGinn have succeeded doing a good job. The only problem i have here, is i would have wanted some more details, about what happened 10 years ago. I think that would have helped the story become even more interesting. Still, i would say this is a good one in this genre. You can get Skinwalker Ranch on VOD or iTunes, support small movies being made on lower budget, they are needed in this society.

Rating: DDD

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