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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

I would guess that everyone have seen Jackass on MTV, when they used to show episodes every week with Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O with friends. And of course their insane Jackass movies, where they did everything you are not supposed to try on your own. Disgusting, idiotic, silly, but also damn funny at times. Jackass could make you laugh like hell, especially on a bad day. But when Jackass 3 came out in 2010, i kind of felt that it was not as funny as it used to be. Maybe they were running out of ideas, and all of them are getting older ( most people who get older mature, these guys don´t ). Even if i don´t watch Jackass very often in these days, i can still remember some highlights of their tv shows, and in their first 2 movies. When i first heard of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, i did not know what to think about this, That was until i saw the trailer, when i realised Johnny Knoxville is trying to do something different with the concept of old people gone crazy. Is Bad Grandpa much funnier than i expected, or is it a step back into the same concept where Jackass 3 felt uninspired ?

Irving Zisman ( Johnny Knoxville ) is 86 years old. His wife Ellie ( Catherine Keener ) dies and Irving is now left alone. At the funeral, he does not expect to see his daughter Kimmie ( Georgina Cates ) show up. She arrive late, and she also have Irving´s 8 year old grandson, Billy ( Jackson Nicoll ), with her to the funeral. Kimmie tells Irving that she is going back to jail, for violating her parole. She order Irving to take care of Billy, while she goes to prison. Irving´s plans of getting laid and party is destroyed, now he have to take care of his grandson. Irving try contacting Billy´s father, Chuck ( Greg Harris ), an unemployed stoner, who agree to take care of Billy, if he get child support. Irving agree to take Billy on a road trip, to his father in Raleigh, North Carolina, and drop him off on sunday. As the road trip begins, Irving is about to make sure, Billy will experience a journey he will never forget.

I am happy to say, Bad Grandpa is actually much more fun than Jackass 3, in a completely different way. Sure, there are jokes you can recognize from the show, but still done in a much more intelligent way. Johnny Knoxville does a great job, playing 86 year old Irving, a horny old bastard who rather go to a strip club than play cards with old people. There are moments i found myself laughing as hell, like when he decide to put his dick in a soda can machine, and gets stuck. There are many more moments where you will laugh a lot, unless you dont like vulgar humour. Bad Grandpa is the perfect example of a Grandfather, no one would want, except for me of course. A dirty old man who don´t give a shit about what people think, and at the same time he realise he may die soon, so he want to live life now when he is free. I would probably say this is the best character Johnny Knoxville have ever done in his career so far, and the young boy Jackson Nicoll is very talented for his age. Some sketches may not deliver all the way, but still this is definetely a great time. I can only hope i will be like Irving when i am old, that would make my day feel so much better.

Rating: DDD

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