onsdag 29 januari 2014

Kärlek Deluxe

People have sometimes asked me:- Daniel, you are a swedish man. but you don´t watch many swedish movies, why is that ? I answer most of the time :- Because only 3 out of 2500 are good. And that pretty much says it all. Swedish movies are terrible for the most part. It is like swedish directors have to follow a certain pattern and adjust each movie to please the swedish audience. Thankfully this year we are getting a fantastic swedish short movie, called Kung Fury. I suggest you check the trailer, now this is how swedish movies should be made like more often.

For those of you that have not seen many swedish movies, i have 3 rules you should know about.

1. If it says directed by Colin Nutley, run away as fast as you can.
2. If you see a Wallander dvd in your video store with Krister Henriksson, you should try and destroy it with a grenade.
3. If a swedish person says to you that Hälsoresan is a great comedy, beat him or her with a baseball bat.

Ok, now you can feel more safe. Or can you ? Kärlek Deluxe is a new swedish romantic comedy by director Kicki Kjellin, this is her first time to direct a motion picture. I did not know much at all about Kärlek Deluxe, until i saw a poster at the cinema, and i had bad vibes straight away. And when a trailer was shown, i still felt the same way. So tonight i was forced to go with my girlfriend and some female relatives ( yes forced ), to see Kärlek Deluxe. Maybe this is better than i expected, or is this another worthless swedish cinema release made for fans of Intresseklubben ?

Selma ( Moa Gambell ) is a author. Her boyfriend break up with her after a party dedicated to Selma´s latest book release. But she end up sleeping with a guitarist in the band on stage, who´s name is John ( Martin Stenmarck ). Selma have readers, but her book reviews are awful by newspapers. So her publish manager Catharina ( Görel Crona ) tell her she needs to change her Writing style. She arrange a meeting with the legenday cultural queen Britta ( Lotta Tejle ). Britta have an idea, she needs to send Selma away to Gotland, to a summer cabin where she can write a completely different story, to find inspiration. Here in Gotland she meets John again, he is on a camping vacation. At the same time, Selma becomes romantic involved with another man named Nils ( Andreas La Chenardière ). Nils and Selma become a couple, because Selma thinks this is the perfect partner. She still have no idea what to write about, and the book need to be finished soon before deadline. But is she really happy with her life ?

Dolph Lundgren once said :- Dying is easy, rock and roll is hard.

And this is exactly what we needed to hear. Because Kärlek Deluxe is such a cliché love comedy, you know exactly what will happen. And the so called funny scenes are so staged, you wonder if people really find all of this funny. Women laughed plenty in the audience, and i had to look around to check if it not was because someone was holding up a sign that says :- Laugh, or i will beat your ass. This is a 90 minute movie that felt like 15 hours, i was bored like hell. If you want to laugh, i suggest you see Eastbound & Down all seasons, now that is real comedy. Another shitty swedish movie served to the swedish audience. Now i know why i want to live in Greece.....they don´t even know we have a movie industry.

Rating : D

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