tisdag 7 januari 2014

Closed Circuit

On the 7th of july in 2005, London experienced something no one will ever forget, The London Bombings. The fact is i was supposed to go to London this summer, to continue my visit to friends in Edinburgh, Scotland. But plans changed, and i did not go. Looking back today, i am glad i did not go, but feel sorry for everyone who lost their lives, and all the families victims. Every year we hear about possible terrorist threats, all over the world. And it will continue, even if we want these attacks to stop. Closed Circuit is a motion picture, that take on the subject of terrorism in London, but from a different perspective. With Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall as the leading actors, is Closed Circuit a powerful story on terrorism, or have we seen this so many times before that we have seen enough ?

At a crowded Borough market in London, a truck blow up armed with a bomb. Many civilians are found dead at the crime scene. Police immediately arrest prime suspect Farroukh Erdogan ( Denis Mochitto ), suspected of being the mastermind behind the bomb attack. Lawyers Martin Rose ( Eric Bana ) and Claudia Simmons-Howe ( Rebecca Hall ) are both chosen to represent Farroukh in court. Martin and Claudia had an affair some time ago, and don´t get along very well, but realise they need to focus on this case. But while they search through evidence, and information on Farroukh, it seems like they are being watched. Every time Martin takes a taxi, the same registrered number shows up. In Claudia´s home, someone have moved a book from her shelf. Not knowing who is watching them, or why, the case becomes more complicated. Somehow they need to know the truth from Farroukh.

Irish director John Crowley directed one of my favourite movies of the year 2007, named Boy A. A very sad and emotional drama movie, where Andrew Garfield did an amazing performance as a child murderer, who is let out to start a new life, with a new identity. But when the truth comes out, who he really is, all hell breaks loose. John Crawley also did a good motion picture with Michael Caine in Is Anybody There ? Since then, i have not heard much about his latest motion picture Closed Circuit, until i got a chance to see it. To compare this with his previous work is not necessary, because this is a completely different genre. The positive side of Closed Circuit, is that this is a well acted thriller, with some nice performances from british actors Jim Broadbent and Kenneth Cranham. Of course we have the lead actors Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall, who both deliver solid performances. Now for the negative side, cosnidering this is just over 90 minutes, we would have needed some more thrilling scenes. It tend to get a bit boring in some scenes, when the lawyers discuss the case. But is this a bad thriller ? Not at all, Closed Circuit gives us a pleasent thriller that lives on the good acting. Just when things seem to become more intensive, we only experience this for a short while. Such a shame, Closed Circuit could have been even better with a more darker and raw tone on the legal system. Still, i would say that this is worth a rent if you are fed up with Wallander 562, or was it 563 ? Either way, they never stop coming.

Rating: DDD

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