måndag 20 januari 2014

The Disco Exorcist

Cult movies with bad acting and bad special effects, can sometimes be better than big budget Hollywood productions. In the 70´s, there was a lot of slasher films, made with no budget at all. But the positive side of this, was that the movies were fun to watch. I have seen so many fun low budget movies from the video violence era, that it´s hard to remember all the titles. But one thing is for sure, B movies are needed. So what do you get if you mix soft porn, with lots of blood, naked girls, and demonic posessed people ? We are served with The Disco Exorcist, a motion picture that Kristdemokraterna does not want to be released for sure. But it´s out on dvd in the UK since the end of 2013, so i had to get a copy and watch this one. Not knowing what to expect, did The Disco Exorcist make my movie night a flesh feast, or is this just a low budget project with nothing to offer ?

Rex Romanski ( Michael Reed ) is a wild swinger, who have sex with every girl he can get his hands on. He also likes to party, so one night he meets the mysterious Rita Marie ( Ruth Sullivan ) on the dancefloor. They end up in bed, as Rex is having a great time. But what he does not know, is that Rita is actually a evil black magic priestess, with demonic posession. What seemed to be an ordinary girl, turns out to be a girl who can kill anyone who gets in her way. Rex need to stop Rita, so he becomes The Disco Exorcist. It is time for evil to be terminated.

The first time i watched the trailer of The Disco Exorcist, i had a feeling this could be a fun B movie. And i have to say, i had a great time. The acting is really bad, but that´s the way it should be in a motion picture like this. This is a tribute to many classic grindhouse movies, with a different approach on exorcism. Just the title is brilliant, who else would mix the 1970´s disco dancer with a demon killer ? Michael Reed is an actor known for making bad B movies, where you get to laugh a lot. The biggest difference this time is that he actually have found a character i find really cool. The plot must have been written in less than 3 weeks, but who cares ? Director Richard Griffin have directed many different B movies in the past, and you can tell he have a passion for this genre. He tries to mix 2 very odd genre mash ups, and i think he succeeds. Is this a classic ? No, but this is a fun tribute of old school horror, with no budget at all. But i have to say this is more of a horror comedy, because you laugh at the bad dialogue and all the naked girls with such bad acting. The Disco Exorcist is a motion picture that will be hated by Mariah Carey fans, because it makes no sense at all, just like this diva´s strange demands. And for that i had a great time watching this one, it is a fun tribute to the good old days of grindhouse cinema. I hope they get the money to make a sequel, Ron Jeremy would be perfect as a swinger, or maybe even The Disco Exorcists horny uncle.

Rating: DDD

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