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American Hustle

I was born in 1977. Since i was born so late in the 70´s, i don´t remember much about those years. But my dad told me stories when i became older, about the 70´s glory days. He even introduced me to the pop rock band Queen, that became one of my favourite bands in the 80 - 90´s. I still have all their albums, including their first recordings from the beginning of the 70´s. Looking back at this period of time, with so many great bands that came out, and so many fantastic motion pictures that was released, i realise what my dad was talking about. Who have not seen Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter and many other amazing movies who changed cinema history forever? Dirty Harry, another example of an epic movie that still stands strong today. Speaking of the 70´s, a lot of political changes happened during this time, when criminals took over the streets, including corrupted politicians accepting money. One case that became famous in the end of the 70´s, was ABSCAM. This was an operation by the FBI, where 7 Congressmen were found guilty of criminal charges, and were convicted. American Hustle is a motion picture based on the ABSCAM investigation, directed by David O. Russel, who gave us the fantastic motion picture Silver Linings Playbook, about 2 years ago. I am always interested in true stories brought to a cinema screen, and especially if a talented director is behind the camera. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards earlier this year, is American Hustle a powerful movie as people are saying, or is the hype way bigger than it should be ?

The year is 1978. Con artists Irving Rosenfeld ( Christian Bale ) and Sydney Prosser ( Amy Adams ) work together. Sydney help Irving to improve his skills, while they perform a scam. Irving is still married to his wife Rosalyn Rosenfeld ( Jennifer Lawrence ), but he want a divorce, she does not agree. Irving stay, but only because of his son Danny ( Sonny Corbo ). But when FBI agent Richard Dimaso ( Bradley Cooper ), catch both Irving and Sydney, while they are making a scam, Richard give them a proposition. If they help him to point out criminals, they will be set free. So Irving agree to help Richard. Irving introduce Richard into his world, letting him see how they work. They arrange a meeting with Irving´s friend Paco Hernandez ( Michael Pena ), pretending to be a rich Sheikh Abdullah, so they can scam people in arts business. Richard play along, so they can get more people arrested. But when the Mayor Carmine Polito ( Jeremy Renner ) is mentioned while Irving is doing another scam, Richard realise this could become dangerous. Carmine is very respected in society, who help people in need and own an empire. The FBI is very skeptical, if they can reveal the evidence of Carmine, but Richard have an idea. He can get to Carmine, with the help of Irving and Sydney´s help, because they have some really good connections. But the cover up operation is not going to be easy, and they need to find a way to get Carmine in a trap.

If you love great acting, with a really intelligent storyline, you are going to love American Hustle. Just look at the cast list, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence ? Oh my god, this is a dream come true. There is no doubt why American Hustle was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, acting on this level is not seen very often. But of course we have to thank director David O.Russel, he is without a doubt one of the best directors out there today. Ever since The Fighter in 2010, you could tell he was about to explode with new powerful ideas for more movie scripts. American Hustle is without a doubt his greatest motion picture so far in his career, and he manage to bring the 70´s back on screen in so many great details, you simply love his view of the story behind ABSCAM. Every detail is not correct, if you hear about the real case, but it does not really matter. Because this is a really well made motion picture on so many levels, it is hard to see anything negative at all. I almost forgot to mention Jeremy Renner, i don´t think he have ever been as good as he is in American Hustle, the perfect choice for the character Carmine Polito. Reminds me of Brooklyn gangsters, but he find his own way to portait a corrupted major. Overall i feel you should all see American Hustle, there is a bit of everything here, for fans of old school cinema. I still don´t understand why no one won an Academy Award, at the same time i am happy Dallas Buyers Club did so well at The Academy Awards. Make sure you get yourself a copy of American Hustle on blu-ray, you will guaranteed have a great time.

Rating: DDDD

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