tisdag 1 april 2014


How many of you did love Sharknado, raise your hands.

Everyone ? That is fantastic, you can understand why everyone loved Sharknado, it was a B movie with all the ingredients you need. Bad acting, bad special effects, cheesy lines, this is all you need to have an orgasm in your couch. The Asylum is a company who knows how to make great B movies, that sometimes are so bad they are fun to watch. So last week i decided to choose 2 quite fresh movies from the same company that brought us Sharknado. So if you were hoping to read a review on a romantic movie, this is no doubt your worst nightmare. Battledogs combine werewolves with military action, is it possible this is the perfect action movie for fans of Britt Ekland, or is this another B movie you will forget ?

At an airport in New York, photographer Donna Voorhees ( Ariana Richards ) have been infected from a werewolf bite. She transform into a werewolf and attack other people inside the airport. More people are now infected, as the military go in to handle the situation. Every infected person is taken to a facility, led by Lt. General Christopher Monning ( Dennis Haysbert ). He says that he know how to handle the situation, but still begin a test, where he let werewolves attack each other for fun. This is something Major Brian Hoffman ( Craig Sheffer ) is not happy about, he want to make sure every infected is not treated in any danger. Dr. Ellen Gordon ( Kate Vernon ) is working on a cure with her co workers, trying to figure out where this all begun. Major Brian is also trying to find answers, before more people are infected.

Battledogs is a mix of Outbreak ( remember the virus movie with Dustin Hoffman ? ) and a werewolf version of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. I am not sayíng that Battledogs tries to copy everything, but you can tell they mixed ideas from these movies into their own version. The positive surprise of Battledogs is that there is actually a plot here. It is not all action and nothing else, the quarantine story is not all bad. But the acting is of course not so good, from either way. And this is too bad, because this could have been a more deeper production from The Asylum, if they did get the actors to work harder on their characters. You can tell director Alexander Yellen have a good idea, but in the finish line there are too many flaws. The werewolves look pretty silly, and this is another detail that could have been improved. Still, i would say Battledogs is at least an improvement from other really bad B movies from The Asylum. There is potential here, and for that i would say Battledogs is not terrible. Ernie Hudson is here also, one of the few actors who at least give a performance. Maybe if they make a sequel we can get all the things that need to be improved.

Rating: DD

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