lördag 26 april 2014

Devil´s Due

Yes folks, it is time for another documentary styled found footage horror film. As i have mentioned earlier years, i enjoy this genre if the movie is well made, on a limited budget. There are plenty of good ones, but one of the best titles that you should see is the first The Last Exorcism. Very good acting, and a great plot. Unfortunately, there are many titles coming out every year, some are really awful, who try to be scary without any effort. Devil´s Due landed in american cinemas the same month as Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones. There are 2 very different stories, even if they both are filmed in a documentary style. Devil´s Due might not sound like anything fresh in the genre, but is it possible the content make this one more interesting, or is it the same ingredients done all over again, for no reason at all ?

 Zach McCall ( Zach Gilford ) and Samantha McCall ( Allison Miller ) are a married couple. They go on a honeymoon vacation to the Dominican Republic, and they are both having a great time. Samantha is curious about going in to a fortune teller, to hear about her future. But the fortune teller suddenly tell her evil things, so Samantha want to leave. While looking for the road to their hotel, both of them are lost. A taxi driver stops and offer them a ride. But he does not want to take them to their hotel, instead he convince them both to go to a night club. Samantha is not sure, but agree. The night is going well after all, until both of them suddenly fall asleep. Samantha is taken to a ritual, where a satanic cult lay a curse on her, from an unknown force. The next they both wake up at their hotel room, not knowing what happened last night. As they go back to their normal life, Samantha finds out she is pregnant. Zach is really happy that he is about to become a father. But the pregnancy seem strange, Samantha is changing and doing many odd things in their house. Zach need to find out what really happened to Samantha on their vacation, someone must have an answer.

I would not call Devil´s Due a found footage film, since this is supposed to be filmed right when everything is happening, and no one else found this video. The style is still typical this genre, and Devil´s Due could be influenced by Rosemary´s Baby. This is not awful in any way, i just feel bored while watching Devil´s Due, mostly because there is not much interesting here to pick up. We get some satanic worship scenes, and some usual scary moments,. But when the final scenes runs off, i feel like there could have been so much more to do with this material. This is too bad, because Devil´s Due is directed by directors Tyle Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, 2 of the directors who worked on the first chapter of V/H/S/. They should be able to do something better than this, since V/H/S/ was so good. I guess they might have stepped into the wrong project. There are a few good ideas here, and in a few scenes they manage to make the enviroment scary. But that is all, the final product feel very predictable and we have seen this before. If you love this genre, you might enjoy Devil´s Due, i recommend you rent The Last Exorcism instead.

Rating: DD

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