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There are so many motion pictures, and tv shows, based on ancient legends from history. Hercules, Poseidon, Hades, greek warriors from the greek mythology, there are plenty of diffent adaptions of legendary icons. Attila The Hun was the ruler of the Huns, between the years 434 until his death in 453, located near the Baltic Sea. I have not seen the tv series from 2001, with a younger Gerald Butler as Attila, but this version is completely different. Here we have a new motion picture, from the company The Asylum, who bring us B movies all year long. You probably have seen Sharknado by now, one of their biggest masterpieces ( almost ). Sharknado 2 - The Second One is coming out this summer, so i suggest you check that one out. So with a legend in history in the hands of The Asylum, is this a new classic from this cult company, or is Attila another awful release that will be forgotten ?

Attila ( Cris Cole ) is a mighty warrior, and the ruler of the Huns, killing anyone who stands in his way. Attila finds The Staff Of Moses, that is said to raise the dead. Before he dies, he made sure The Staff is broken into 3 pieces across the globe, so no one would find it.

Present day. A team of american soldiers find a piece of The Staff Of Moses, but professor Mason ( Krisle-Roy ) make sure he can investigate the ancient mystery. The Staff is secretely locked in, what seems to be a stone shaped object. A figure is seen inside the stone, as Dr. Buckingham ( Bill Voorhees ) is told that this may be Nomad ( Cheick Congo ), protector of The Staff Of Moses. Dr. Buckingham manage to get a piece of the staff out, but he also awake Nomad. Military Vito ( Chris Conrad ) is at the compound when Nomad is released, Vito and his team goes out to find Nomad and destroy the beast. But General Thadeus ( M. Steven Felty ) manage to get the 2 other missing pieces of The Staff Of Moses. If one drink the blood of The Staff Of Moses, he will bring Attila back to life. Vito and his team must stop this from happening

I have no problem with very low budget movies, as long as they give entertainment. But with Attila we have so many problems, i do not know where i should start. Attilas monster face looks really bad. The acting is really awful, and they are trying to look serious with very bad results. There is a lot of action here, but it is so bad that i laughed, many times. In fact, Attila is a motion picture with too many flaws, and with nothing to offer. This is not the worst i have seen The Asylum company release straight to dvd, but considering how much they could have done right with this material, it feels like director Emmanuel Itier had a vision but completely lost his way. I can not recommend Attila, not even to you who love cheesy B movies, because this is not worth your time. I suggest you go and rent Bad Milo! instead, or perhaps even buy Sharknado. Just skip this one, this is almost as bad as TV3´s terrible tv show Småstadsdrottningar.

Rating: D

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