söndag 27 april 2014

Bro´s Before Ho´s

I love the Netherlands. So nice people, and i love Amsterdam. I am going back at some point, because there is so much to see and do in Amsterdam, you better make sure you have time to experience everything. I am not only talking about tulip gardens or museums, there are many great stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and of course there is Red Light District. This area is were all the fun is happening. You can do anything here, have sex on stage, watch striptease, there is also fun sex shops and other fun places to visit in this area. What about night clubs ? Well, i think i need to check that out next time. But i hear Amsterdam is supposed to be a great night life city. When it comes to movies made in the Netherlands, i am not very good with titles or actors. Here in Sweden we don´t get to see that many releases on dvd, i suppose because french, italian and english movies get more attention. Bro´s Before Ho´s is a comedy that got a lot of positive reviews lately, so i had to see what this is all about. Is this a new comedy classic from the Netherlands, or is this just another stupid comedy made for college teenagers that no one will remember?

Two brothers Jules (Daniel Arends) and Max (Tim Haars), made a pact as kids. Never have a relatsionship, since their parents always argued. As they become older, they live the life, party almost every night and sleep around with all kinds of girls. They both belive they are gangsta, and they think they know the gangsta language. This seems to work on younger women, so they continue to live for the day. Max works in a videostore, renting out movies. Jules work at a supermarket, where he is banging chicks at the warehouse. One day Anna ( Sylvia Hoeks ) walks in to the videostore Max work in, and Max falls in love instantly. But the problem is Anna is spending time with Jules, so Max need to get her interested in him instead. The pact that these 2 brothers made all those years ago seems to be slipping away.

Bro´s Before Ho´s is a mix of American Pie, Harold And Kumar and other american comedies about stupid guys who only want to sleep around with girls. The difference is that since this is made in a european way, the vulgar language feels more suitable. These 2 guys may get lots of sex, but underneath the surface they have nothing to be proud of. From a comedy perspective, this is a really funny movie. The dialogue is silly, vulgar and the boys think they are gangsta, and talk like they are hustlers. The problem is, they are no hustlers or not gangsta, they are just 2 stupid guys. And that is what makes Bro´s Before Ho´s so funny. These losers think they have it all, and they have no idea what actually women want. One detail that makes Bro´s Before Ho´s funny, is that fact that character Max loves the movie First Blood so much, that he watch it everyday, and know all the dialogue. He even try to do a Rambo rescue, ( while he is working in the videostore and is being robbed ), to save Anna from the robber. I am laughing as hell when Max and his brother Jules tries to be gangsta, they don´t even look gangsta or sound gangsta, and this makes them hilarious. Directors Steffen Haars and Flip Van Der Kuil give us a real treat here, with many funny dialogue scenes.  Bro´s Before Ho´s is the funniest european comedy i have seen this year, guys will guaranteed love this one, and i think women will also, if they like vulgar comedies. You can buy the dvd from some european countries, so i suggest you take a look on the web, this is guaranteed to give you a great night with friends. Now i must dress gangsta, and roll down the streets of Skönsberg on my bicycle, it does not get more gangsta than that players.

Rating: DDDD

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