tisdag 15 april 2014

I, Frankenstein

I have not read comic books for over 17 years. But i remember one of the comic books i collected was Conan The Barbarian, before they stopped printing the rest of the series. When i was very young i collected The Hulk, and used to bring those comic books to school. Comic books could help you escape into a different world, where nothing seemed impossible. Even if i don´t read comic books anymore, i really enjoy watching movie adaptions of comic characters. Especially from Marvel, who does not love X-Men or Thor ? It is easy to forget that there are many different comic book characters out there, that don´t get to be seen by a larger scale of readers. I, Frankenstein is one example. To be honest, i have never heard about this comic book character, until a movie adaption was released early this year. I decided to take a look, since i usually like movie adaptions made from comic books. Is I, Frankenstein a fun combination of horror action, or is this nothing you need to spend time on ?

In 1795, Dr. Victor Frankenstein ( Aden Young ) create a monster, made of body parts of corpses. His name is Adam Frankenstein ( Aaron Eckhart ). Adam kill Victor´s wife Elizabeth ( Virginie Le Brun ) in rage, as he leave his home, wandering out in the world. Victor goes after Adam, to revenge his wifes death. But while the hunt is on, Victor die in terrible weather. Adam bury Victor, but is suddenly attacked by demons. He is saved by gargoyles, who are half humans, half beasts. They take Adam to the gargoyle queen Lenore ( Miranda Otto ), and their commander, Gideon ( Jai Courtney ). Lenore explain to Adam that they were created to battle demons on earth and save humanity. The gargoyles offer him to join them in their battle. He help them kill demons that attack their headquarters, but he refuse to do more and continue his journey instead. As a new century arrive, Adam is still looking for answers of who he is. At a night club, Adam kills a police officer at a confrontation, and the demon Helek ( Steve Mouzakis ) inform the demon prince Naberius ( Bill Nighly ), that Adam is alive. Naberius is very interested in Adam, how he was created by his creator Victor Frankenstein, since Victor´s journal explain how Adam was made into a living beast. Adam visit Naberius for answers, but realise that they only want to use him. Adam have seen that Naberius have dead bodies that he intend to use to bring a beasts to life. This would be a disaster, so Adam escape from Naberius and confront his scientist Terra Wade ( Yvonne Strahovski ). She knows that Naberius have evil plans, as she slowly become attached to Adam and his life. Adam go to the gargoyles queen Lenore, to warn them about Naberius plans. But Lenore also want the journal, as she sends Gideon to kill Adam. Gideon fails, and now Adam decide he must finish this. He burns the journal, and prepare himself for a final battle.

Even if i read all the bad reviews of I, Frankenstein, i had at least some hope for this to be a fun ride, especially after watching the trailer. After almost 90 minutes, i realise that i might have been wrong. Ok, i did not have high expectations, but when you see how bad some of the special effects are, you begin to wonder why director Stuart Beattie did not spend more time, improving details in the fight scenes. Aaron Eckhart tries to do what he can with his character Adam, and he is actually the biggest advantage to this movie adaption of the comic book. Bloodydisgusting really hated this movie, and called this one of the worst films this year already. I am not going in the same direction, i suppose there is a reason i did not hate this. I like the idea of a creation of Victor Frankenstein fighting demons, in a future world. But there are many details that could have been made much better, and some of the actors are really terrible. I, Frankenstein is not as much fun as i was hoping it would be. In the hands of another director, with a different vision, i think this could have been made different. Since the box office numbers were pretty bad, i don´t see a sequel is possible. If you loved Underworld, i suggest you watch that one instead. I, Frankenstein had potential, but the final product leave us with too many questions, and very few answers.

Rating: DD

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