söndag 20 april 2014

Battle Of The Damned

Sweden is famous for many things.

Kevin Walker ( Wait, should he be here ? )
Friends In Need

But most of all, we have one reason to be proud in Sweden.

His name is......Dolph Lundgren.

Forget about Ingmar Bergman, he may have made iconic movies, but in Sweden we only have one man who can do anything. Dolph Lundgren is the man, there is no other answer you need to know. He is a great actor, a great director, and all women of Sweden want him, this is 200% true. In fact, if Dolph Lundgren did not make his movies, Sweden would never be famous.

But hold on, Abba made Sweden famous ?

Yeah, maybe at that time, but from the 80´s, Dolph took over and no one could stand a chance against him. Roxette and Ace Of Base sold millions of albums ? Yes but did we really care ? Not really, because all over Sweden everyone loved to see Dolph back on the big screen. I have seen almost every Dolph movie ever made, and they are plenty to choose between. Even if the movie is bad, Dolph is always great, because he can never be bad, he is everything we want. So when i heard that Dolph is making a zombie movie, i got really excited. Finally he is trying a new genre, since he usually deliver his usual action muscle packed dvd releases. Battle Of The Damned is the title, and directed by Christopher Hatton, who also directed B action movie Robotropolis. With a combination of Dolph Lundgren, zombies and robots also, is this the masterpiece that Tv4 personality Anders Kraft was hoping for, or is this a big mess ?

A deadly viral outbreak is turning people into flesh eating zombies all over the world. Military soldier Max Gatling ( Dolph Lundgren ) is one of the few survivors left, with a few soldiers that he try to help survive in this chaotic world. Max is told to search for a woman, named Jude ( Melanie Zanetti ), since her father belive she is still out there alive. Max finds her, but she is skeptical why he needs to bother her. But she agree to go along with him, as they encounter a group of survivors, led by Duke ( David Field ). Duke does not trust Max, so he order his group to chain him to a lamppost. Duke want to continue lead the group and does not want Max to disrupt his plans. But one of the group members realise, Max could be exactly what they need to survive. He knows how to handle combat situations and to survive. Max is finally let loose, now he need to find a way to get everyone into safety, before more zombies invade every single building.

Ladies, if men still don´t understand how you have an orgasm, ask them to watch Battle Of The Damned, and they will realise how it all works. Because honestly, when was the last time you had so much fun watching zombies and robots fight against each other, and have Dolph Lundgren kick zombie ass, all at the same time ? This is exactly what we needed to have on a dvd and blu-ray release, hard hitting action with a cool combination of everything. The acting is not all bad either, especially good is Melanie Zanetti, she is a really cool fighter, and she is pregnant also, that makes things more complicated. Is this the best movie from Dolph in some time ? Yes, actually better than some of the typical releases he have out there. Not as good as Universal Soldier - Day Of Reckoning, but still i like this combination of different genres put together. God bless Dolph Lundgren, he still deliver and i have a feeling he will for many years ahead. This is a fun ride, and a good lesson why swedish movies suck so many times, we need to make quality movies like this one. There are flaws, yes, but hell, let´s just forget about that, and have a good time with Swedens biggest actor of all time.

Rating: DDD

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