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ABCs Of Death 2

Magnet Studio keep releasing a lot of horror quality films, and they have especially proven that with the V/H/S/ series. If you have not seen V/H/S/2, there must be seriously something wrong with you. This is a film that needs to be seen, because this is quality horror, and not the teenage shit so many people seem to enjoy in the cinemas. Since there are many releases from Magnet Studio that should be seen by a larger audience, i feel that people need to talk more about the quality of films like The Sacrament, such a great horror release that should have been in cinemas all over Sweden. I am very excited about V/H/S/: Viral that is coming out in october on VOD, i know i will be busy at that moment. The ABCs Of Death came out in 2012, with a different approach on horror, having 26 directors on board directing a short film, for every letter in the alphabet. I found this idea to be very fascinating, and a new way to keep the horror genre alive. With directors from all kind of genres, doing their vision of 26 ways to tell a story, i felt that this was a good transformation to a feature film. So here we are with the next chapter of ABCs Of Death, with 26 new directors, and with the same premise as before, the alphabet letters used again in 26 new ways. With such a unique premise the first time, does it work even better this time around, or is this sequel doomed to fail from the beginning ?

The alphabet have 26 letters, and for each letter there are 26 ways to either kill someone, or how to be killed. Come on board a journey, where we discover 26 different short films, where there are no limits, and no rules. The only way out is to find out how many victims we can have in every letter, in the alphabet.

I enjoyed the first chapter of ABCs Of Death, because it was very different from the usual horror releases. The idea of  directors making 26 different ways to die showed that each director had to find a way, to kill someone in a word for each letter of the alphabet. So here we are back again, with a sequel. But the best news is, this sequel is actually better than the first film. Really ? Yes, for different reasons, but most of all we get more gore, better short films, and some wonderful moments that all family members will love. No matter what kind of horror style you love, you get so much here that there is no way you will leave dissapointed. The trick with doing great horror in a short film, is to make it really detailed, to show off as much as possible, since there is a limited time to give us some treats. For almost 2 hours we get so much blood, flesh wounds, disturbed minds, that this could be the closest thing you could get for a perfect christmas eve. There are many great short films that should be worth to mention, so i picked some of my personal favourites.

C is for Capital Punishment

14 year old Lucy Wilson is missing, and the locals belive that they have the murderer. As they prepare to execute him, Lucy is found alive, but is it too late to save him, or is a innocent man about to be executed ?

G is for Grandad

A grandfather and his grandson are having a drink. But they don´t really get along well, so granddad goes to bed. As the grandson is going to bed, it will be a night he will never forget.

J is for Jesus

A man is taking pictures of 2 homosexual men kissing. He take the pictures to his client, a father who see his son is gay. The son is abducted by 2 religious people, who belive they can clean him with the power of Jesus from his homosexuality. While they begin their ritual, something else is there to stop the ritual.

There is not just horror here, there are some really funny comedy scenes included, in some of the disturbing short films. And this is also one reason why i love the concept of ABCs Of Death 2, it is almost like the influences are from the 80´s classics, that combined horror with comedy. With talented directors such as Alejandro Brugués ( director of the very funny Juan Of The Dead ), Steven Kostanski ( director of B film classics like Fathers Day, Manborg ), Aharon Keshales ( director of the very praised motion picture Big Bad Wolves ) and many more very talented directors, we are served with really good horror entertainment. ABCs Of Death 2 is a tribute, both to classic horror films, and comedy horror, made for us who loves lots of gore and blood. I had a really great time sitting almost 2 hours, and found myself many treats, and hopefully you will also. Not every short film is really good, but overall this sequel delivers even more than the first time. Check it out on VOD, and your night will be blessed, or could this be your worst nightmare ?

Rating: DDDD

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