onsdag 29 oktober 2014

Left Behind

Pat Robertson, heard of that name before ?

Well, he is a crazy religious guy who think you can get aids by just touching a towel. Seriously ? Yes, check out the clips on Youtube, i guess he must have had too many bible lessons, and have no idea what aids is. Religious people like Pat Robertson make religious people look dumb, so he should not be in his position. But he still is, because there are people who belive you can have aids by touching towels. I might sound mean, but i think i need to be when people actually belive in this. It seems that people are still hiding behind the bible and say homosexuality is wrong, and sick, and still we see preachers have sex with male members or male prostitutes. Makes sense right ? I think like this, if you want to give people hope, and offer them help, kick out all those scam artists who only want to make money on people. Religion is not about money, it is about faith and to belive in something that you can relate to. About a month ago, while checking out new cinema releases, i came across the title of Left Behind. Checked out the information, a christian sci fi thriller drama with Nicolas Cage. Ok, sounds like a big mix of ingredients. Then suddenly i heard the Chris Stuckmann review, and for some reason i felt hope for humanity. The words he said in this review made me feel like my day could not be any better. So i just had to take a look at Left Behind, to see if i would be just as positive as everyone else. Is Left Behind the best film of the year, or should i start reading the bible instead ?

Chloe Steele ( Cassi Thomson ) have just flown in from college to surprise her father Rayford Steele ( Nicolas Cage ), who works as an pilot. Chloe´s mother Irene Steele ( Lea Thompson ) calls her to inform her father have to work. Chloe decide to stay at the airport to wait for her father anyway. He notice her as they have a short time together, before he is flying to London. Irene is a christian, and Chloe does not agree on her thoughts and her lifestyle. As she head off to the mall with her brother Rayime Steele ( Major Dobson ), suddenly her brother dissapear, and all that is left is his clothes. More people vanish at the mall, including on Rayford´s flight to London. No one knows where they are or how the could dissapear. What is going on, where is everyone who vanished ?

I will try and look outside the religious messages in this film, and say what i feel about Left Behind. Have you ever felt like you had a moment in life where you dont know if you should cry, laugh, or just rip your hair off in frustration ? This is exactly what i wanted to do, all of this, while watching Left Behind. Kids, i have something very important to say, so gather around. This is the worst movie of 2014, i am serious. I don´t know where to start, the special effects are awful, the acting is awful, the dialogue is awful, the religious messages are pointless, so what do we have left ?

Well, we have Nicolas Cage screaming on a plane......

Wohooo, so this means i enjoyed myself ? No fucking way. This is one of the worst films i have seen since......After Earth. But we have Nicolas Cage on a plane ? Yes, but i don´t care, he does not save this film in any way at all. I wonder why he even accepted this, is it because he have to pay some tax problems again ? I suggest he should find a better agent, because i know he can deliver, just check out Joe and see him act in high quality. The message of having faith may seem cute to some people, well trust me, this falls flat to the ground. If you are going to make a film about having faith in your religion, you need to find a good balance. Left Behind have no balance, all we are left with is a awful film that is so bad, someone should order cinemas world wide to ban this from showing on a big screen. You might think i am just saying all of this because i have opinions about religious groups. No, this have nothing to do why i hate this film. The fact is Left Behind is a movie that makes me feel ill, and that does not happen very often. There is no plot, there is no point, there is nothing here. Director Vic Armstrong is known for his stunt work on the Indiana Jones films, including Superman with Christopher Reeve. He also directed a great action film with Dolph Lundgren in 1993 called Joshua Tree. Left Behind is his second film to direct, and i hope he never directs again, unless a miracle happen. Religious people, a suggestion, continue to read your bible instead. There must be more to learn from those pages, than watching Left Behind for 2 minutes. Nicolas Cage, why ? Have we not suffered enough ? I guess not. 2 sequels are planned, now i know what my life biggest mission is, to stop them from being made.

Rating: D

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