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The Possession of Michael King

For those who know me personally, i am not a very religious person. I belive in myself, and i feel that fits me perfect. For people who belive in Jesus, Allah, or any other god out there in different religions, i don´t mind what you belive in. I think like this. If you belive in something, and it makes you happy, go for it.

Wait, i do belive in someone, who i see as my God, and that is actually Dolph Lundgren.

Am i insane ? Probably, but who cares ? I belive in something, just like everyone else, the only difference is that my God kicks a lot of ass, and loves guns, so this is the perfect choice for me. Religious cults is a subject i am curious about, just because so many of these cults look absolutely crazy, having rituals and use strange symbols, that they probably did not buy at Blomsterlandet. Maybe you heard stories about voodoo waking up dead people back to life ? This sounds crazy, but some people say it did happen. There are many different kinds of religious cults, who use many different kind of rituals. So what if someone decided to do a documentary about different religions and how to connect to the other side ? The Possession Of Michael King is a new documentary horror film, who takes on the subject of religious cults. There have been horror films in the past that have taken religious paths before, but from what i understand, here we get to see several different religions in different situations. As a horror lover, is this another great possession film for us who loves The Exorcist, or is this a cheap straight to dvd release that you should try and bother ?

Michael King ( Shane Johnson ) is a happy family man with his wife Samantha King ( Cara Pifko ) and his daughter Ellie ( Ella Anderson ). One day tragedy struck, and Samantha dies. Michael find out that his wife visited a psychic. He goes to confront her about what she told Samantha, but she will not answer. To deal with the pain, and to try and move on, Michael decide to make a documentary. He will try and test different religious cults, to see if he can understand why people are drawn to this, and if he could get answers to some of the things he is curious about. As the rituals begin, Michael feels that he is changing inside, almost as if he is possessed- For each day Michael is changing, and he don´t know who or what is doing this. As the documentary keep on going, the situation is about to become even worse unless Michael can find a way tó remove the demon inside of him.

I like the idea of a man trying to learn different religious rituals, and in some scenes it does get a bit creepy, especially thanks to the sound effects. This is one of the reasons why i enjoyed myself watching The Possession Of Michael King, the sounds coming from Michael and his demon inside, makes you feel the possession. Some scenes look good on special effects, considering the budget is limited, especially when Michael gets attacked in different situations. I would not call this a found footage horror film, since its not made in that way. Instead, this is almost like watching a documentary, still made in a different way. As we follow how Michael is changing, we get some disturbed events on the way, and from a horror perspective this actually works. Lead actor Shane Johnson manage to do both sides of the characters, an ordinary dad, and the possessed who hear voices all the time. I would say that he is the biggest reason why The Possession Of Michael King is scary, since he tries to portrait a father who is going insane. Director David Young avoid to use lots of blood, flesh wounds, and try to make the situation feel creepy, with the very well made sound effects. If you want to make sure someone is scared, good sound effects is a very important detail. There may not be much original to find here, but the final result is a horror film that feels quite scary. The Possession Of Michael King delivers without trying to follow the same path, as many horror films do. Instead we get some unexpected surprises along the way, and that is another reason why i enjoyed myself. One thing is for sure, i am not going to try any religions out, no matter what it is all about. I would not be surprised if Jehovas Witnesses will knock on the door soon, thank god i just put out a mine underneath the carpet....wait, what if the mailman get here first ? Ooops.

Rating: DDD

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