onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Two Night Stand

Who have not experienced a one night stand in their youth, or maybe 54 at Viking Line Cruise Ships ? I have, but i cant say they were that great. Sure, sex was fun, but nothing that mattered. I suppose it depends on the situation, and in my case, i had no idea i was going to sleep with those girls, it just happened. One night stands in a classic ingredient for many teenagers, and i am all for it, as long as both agree to have fun. Besides, i think there is nothing wrong to enjoy life. One night stands is a classic subject in many motion pictures, everything from college comedies, to romantic comedies, it can happen in different situations. One of the films i remember mostly about one night stands is Alfie, the 2004 remake with Jude Law. A player who love ladies, and loves to have sex with different women. Jude Law fit perfect in this character, but the film did not do well at the box office, i suppose people were not interested in the remake of the classic Michael Caine film from 1966. To be honest, i am not a big fan of romantic comedies, mostly because some of them can be awful, while a few are actually ok. It all depends on the plot, the actors and if there is a good storyline. One of my personal favourites in this genre is The Wedding Singer, where Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore showed what a great chemistry they had together on the big screen. As i try and review different genre films, i try and take a look at romantic comedies, just to mix up the usual genres i mostly look into. Two Night Stand is a new romantic comedy by first time debut director Max Nichols.. He have only been an actor in one film, called Ragtime from 1981. He was only 8 years old then, so it has taken a long time for him to return to the big screen. Lead actor Analeigh Tipton is definetely more known in Hollywood, in big motion pictures like The Green Hornet, Crazy Stuped Love , and recently in Lucy. Miles Teller is maybe most known as an actor from films like Divergent, Rabbit Hole and That Awkward Moment. Both of them have teamed up in this romantic comedy, with a title that suggest they might have some fun. Is this a romantic comedy that delivers anything surprising in the genre, or is this another one that you should avoid at all cost ?

Megan ( Analeigh Tipton ) is unemployed and single. She have not had sex for a long time, and is not sure if she ever will have again. So she joins a dating site. She begin to talk to a guy named Alec ( Miles Teller ), who decide to have a one night stand with Alec. She suggest she will come over to his Place one night, while chatting online. She gets his adress, and wakes up the next morning in his bed. Alec seems really tired, so she decide to leave, but start the security alarm by his door. Alec try and make her stay from breakfast, but Megan want to go home and Think he is a jerk, because he sees her as usual one night stand. As Megan tries to go outside, a snow storm have blocked the gate door. She is stuck inside, so there is only one thing to do. She have to stay one more night with Alec, until someone fixed the snow outside. As they both spend another day together, they will have to accept the situation, no matter how much they argue. Somehow maybe they will realise that everything is not awful.

To make it more complicated, i did not watch the trailer, or any clips from Two Night Stand before i watched the whole movie. Just to see if i would react positive or negative. Even if Two Night Stand is nothing original, or even fresh, it does have some positive moments of good acting. Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton have a good chemistry together, as they argue after having sex, and are stuck in his appartment because of a snow storm. One of the reasons why i found myself enjoying this film, is that everything is not cute, and they don´t try to be cheesy. They talk very straight, about themselves, and Miles make her pissed off because they both think very different about things. I like the fact that director Max Nichols does not try and make this another lame romantic comedy, that makes you want to kill yourself. He actually finds a good way to make the plot more clever than most films in this genre. There are problems here, no doubt about that, but for this genre i enjoy what i see. Analeigh Tipton feel natural and have good comedy timing, in most of her scenes. I am surprised to say this, Two Night Stand is actually an entertaining film in this genre, especially because this is not cheesy as most of these films are. The ending could have been different, if i have to complain about something. Overall this is worth watching with your partner, lover, or even with your one night stand ( as long as it´s not your cousin Jörgen, i suggest you avoid that ). Two Night Stand should find an audience, unless Jennifer Aniston release another one of her marriage comedies, how many are they now ? I lost count, a long time ago.......

Rating: DDD

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