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Let´s Be Cops

The Wayans Family have a history in comedy motion pictures, going back many years from now. Maybe one of the most famous family members is Damon Wayans, who have been in motion pictures ever since his first film Beverly Hills Cop in 1984. For those of you who know the type of films Damon have been in ever since the 80´s, he continued bringing out comedies of all kinds. One of the most memorable characters i enjoy from Damon Wayans, is his character in The Last Boy Scout, being a sidekick to Bruce Willis, in a classic action film i hope most people have seen. Damon Wayans son, Damon Wayans, Jr, first showed up in a motion picture in 1994, when his father released Blankman, a spin off about a different kind of superhero. I might have laughed when i was 15 years old at the time, today the film is not something i could enjoy on the same level. Damon Wayans, Jr have only been an actor in a few films recent years. Anyone seen him in Dance Flick or perhaps The Other Guys ? Let´s Be Cops is his biggest role so far in a motion picture, together with Jake Johnson ( who was in an independent film favourite called Safety Not Guaranteed ). With 2 very different actors, in an action comedy, is this a combination that works surprisingly well, or should this have been cancelled before a screenplay was written ?

Ryan O'Malley ( Jake Johnson ) and Justin Miller ( Damons Wayans, Jr ) are best friends, who have been through everything together. Justin is a video game designer, who never get a chance to have his ideas become reality. Ryan is a former quarterback, who is sick of his situation, and want more in life. They both remember a pact they made, that if they have not become succesfull in Los Angeles, before they turn 30, they would move back to their small hometown in Ohio. An upcoming college reunion party for both Ryan and Justin is getting closer. Ryan have an idea, since they don´t want to look like losers, why not dress upp like police officers ? Justin think this is a bad idea, but eventually agree just for the college reunion party. The party fails, Ryan and Justin leave dissapointed. Since they are still wearing police officer outfits, girls especially seem to be interested in them. Ryan suggest they should continue to be fake police officers, because they can use the situation to have fun. Justin go along, and for a moment they are both having a great time. Until they run into trouble with Albanian mobsters. Since they are not real trained police officers, they have no idea how to deal with situations like this one. The problems become even bigger, when they confront the mobsters leader Mossi Kasic ( James D´arcy ). What started as a fun idea, is now becoming a dangerous situation.

Not that long ago i reviewed another cop action comedy named Ride Along. Thankfully i can say that Let´s Be Cops is a better film in this genre, simply because the comedy timing is better, and the chemistry between Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr shows they had fun together. One detail i like is the fact that they pretend to be police officers, who have no idea what could happen in different situations. If you don´t like vulgar humour, you are not going to like this. In the right mood, i love vulgar humour, especially if the comedy scenes deliver a lot of laughter. Let´s Be Cops knows what it wants to be, a comedy for all of us who never want to grow up, and hate prude people. Director Luke Greenfield, directed a film i really hated in 2011, called Something Borrowed. So now when i see him do something completely different, and manage to do it much better than last time, i am pleased to say i can forgive him for that mistake. One of the most hysterical scenes is when the guys take a call, where young women is in need of help. Obviously they go there because they might get laid, but all hell breaks loose. There are many moments where i found myself laughing, and not because you felt forced to laugh as some american comedies do. Simply because Let´s Be Cops is a funny comedy, and sometimes we need to laugh, even if you had a bad day, it is important to enjoy yourself. Overall i would recommend you watch this one, if you want to watch a comedy, just be prepared for bad language, sexual moments and crazy situations. Let´s just say Helena Bergström might cry if she watch this one, just because she cries all the time, don´t ask me why, this is still a mystery no one might understand. I wonder what it would be like pretending to be a cop here in Sundsvsall ? I better start buying equipment, make a fake police car, and get a shotgun. If someone cheats on Bingolotto night, be sure i will empty the shotgun, for no reason at all.....just to get the party started.

Rating: DDD

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