torsdag 9 oktober 2014

There is a change coming, and you may be surprised what it is......

Hello movie lovers!

Thank you so much for reading my reviews, this year so far have been incredible, more readers than ever, so i am very grateful. Now, for the latest information.

I will continue to write movie reviews in my movie review blog, and i will also try something different in 2015. What would you say about Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews on Youtube ?

Yep, i am thinking about making video reviews, just for fun, and hopefully manage to pull this off, i have never done this before, so i will start planning and thinking about how i will make this work.

I am not sure at this point when this will start, but if everything goes as planned, maybe in february 2015. I know, a long time from now, but better to have time so i can practise making review videos. I see this as a fun idea, and we will see if i will do this for a long time, i will try it. If the response is good, and if you want me to continue, i will, because the readers are the most important people for my movie review blog.

I will leave more information by the end of this year, when i have an idea how i want to make the videos. Thanks everyone worldwide for the support, and hopefully i hope you like this idea.

Cheers from Daniel

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