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Sex Tape

Ever since i watched Cameron Diaz in There´s Something About Mary, you could tell she had an eye for comedy. She did deliver some good characters in some of her motion pictures, and then she also surprised us with her performance in The Box. A film that did not feel like anything she have done before, original and well made by director Richard Kelly. A thriller with an intelligent plot, and good acting, especially from Frank Langella. One thing is for sure, Cameron Diaz can be good if she choose the right character. Unfortunately she can also choose way too many romantic comedies, just like Jennifer Aniston. I suppose they both choose this mostly because the audience want them to be in this genre. Jason Segel is mostly known for his character Marshall in the tv comedy hit show How I Met Your Mother. He continue to do comedy, even if the show have ended, in his own feature films. Maybe you have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or perhaps The Five-Year Engagement ? Both of them worked together in 2011 in the comedy Bad Teacher, that actually did very well at the box office. This is also the second time they work with director Jake Kasdan, who is known for directing Orange County with Jack Black. As they are back now with Another film, with the 2 same actors and the same director as Bad Teacher, is this even a better combination this time around, or is the magic lost along the way ?

Jay ( Jason Segel ) and Annie ( Cameron Diaz ) are a loving couple, who have sex all the time, anywhere they can. One day, Annie finds out she is pregnant, and both Jay and Annie realise their sex life might change. Annie ends up having 2 kids, and their sex life is no more active. Until Annie come up with the idea, that they should make a sex tape. They try every position they can from the list of The Joy Of Sex. When Annie asks Jay to delete the tape, he accidently  inadvertently synchronizing the video to several iPads, that they have given away as gifts. They manage to collect the iPads and delete the video, but the neighbour´s son threatens to upload the sex tape on YouPorn unless they pay him 25,000 dollars. They fail to collect the money, and realise the only way to stop the video is to break into the headquarters of YouPorn and destroy their servers.

You might think that if you combine Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel in the lead roles, should be a great combination for a comedy. To be honest, i don´t understand why they choosed to do Sex Tape. Both of these actors can be funny, if they have the right characters. In Sex Tape they seem to go on autopilot, and don´t feel interested in their characters at all. There are many scenes where i am so bored, and can´t laugh, that i would rather just turn this off and see Steven Seagal wawing his hands like he is on steroids. Now that is much more fun, in a bad way. I realise that teenagers may find this funny, just because this is a comedy about sex and relationships. If you want to laugh in a comedy in this genre, watch the first American Pie instead, guaranteed to be more fun. Cameron Diaz is pretty much as she always is, smiling, laughing, and doing her same character as she have done in many years. Jason Segel is a talented actor and comedian, but here he does not deliver, he simply feels placed here to fill in for all the mistakes. Director Jake Kasdan have worked with both Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz on the comedy Bad Teacher from 2011. They actually worked much better together in that film, in Sex Tape the chemistry is not here. This is a comedy that makes me feel so bored, i am wondering why i am watching at all. If director Jake Kasdan thought we would laugh just because we get to see these 2 actors have sex, he have missed the point completely. As a comedy this does not deliver much at all, and that is a really bad sign. Avoid Sex Tape, this is the perfect example why you should not mix sex with comedy unless you know what you are doing. I can recommend many adult films if you wanna see sex, how about Rocco Invades Poland ? Lots of action with Rocco Siffredi, and polish girls, what more could you ask for ? Maybe some older women from Finland with younger men from Gambia ? Sounds like a great weekend infront of the computer screen. I better go down and buy some hand lotion, it is time to do some real man work.

Rating: D

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