söndag 2 december 2018

In 2019 A New Segment Is Coming

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the fantastic movie review guy from Sweden ( the country who have the last surviving viking known as E-Type, who released the same album for over 20 years, amazing ). Sometimes you need to make a change for fun, just to spice things up. So, next year i have decided to do a new segment that is called......

Is It Really That Bad ? 

The idea is that i watch a few selected movies that i have not seen, that are hated by movie critics worldwide, to see if i dont enjoy the films either, or....maybe i do enjoy them ? There are no certain categories, so i will pick different titles from different years. Sounds like fun right ? I think that this will begin in February, hopefully. But im working right now on the final movie reviews of this year, and....a special surprise right before New Years Eve. So thank you everyone for reading my reviews, and i hope you are excited to see the final reviews of 2018. See you soon in here. 

Cheers from Daniel

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