fredag 14 december 2018

Slay Belles

Christmas time!

The one time of the year when we gather family, have a nice Christmas dinner, talk to relatives we never meet ( except at weddings, funerals or birthday party´s ). In my family we have a tradition that every Christmas, you have the chance to taste The Masters Of All Masters, that is Ron De Jeremy Rum of course. So why is Ron Jeremy´s rum such a great part of Christmas in our family ? Because we know the happiness of Christmas, that is why we do it in such a positive way. For me personally, i love watching Christmas movies that are not the classics running on TV. so i prefer to watch the B horror movies that includes the holiday celebration. One good example of a great Christmas B horror movie is a film that is called Red Christmas from director Craig Anderson. What makes this such a nice treat, is that the film manage to capture the right Christmas feeling, perhaps more violent than the traditional holiday. And i do enjoy some of the characters in this film as well. Legendary actress Dee Wallace ( who have been in a lot of classic films such as The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling and Critters of course ) is one of the highlights of Red Christmas, it is so nice to see her still doing more movies in the horror genre. I suggest you pick up the DVD, or check it out on VOD with your family. Another good Christmas horror film that should be seen, is the 2015 movie known as A Christmas Horror Story. This film is like a horror anthology, telling different stories about Christmas. And i have to say, if you enjoy anthology movies then you should see this film. I also appreciate seeing legendary acor William Shatner as a radio DJ host, known as Dangerous Dan. Pick up A Christmas Horror Story on DVD, it would also be a great gift for the family. Every year there are many B horror movies released with a Christmas theme, and i think it is great that small budget movies are made, to show another side of the happy, colorful season of the year. Besides, some people prefer to have a good time with an Axe, or perhaps a nail gun, just to get that party started. So i have a tradition every year, i go to the YouTube channel known as Geek Legion Of Doom in the late autumn to check out the latest Christmas reviews. And this year i came across a review of the new movie Slay Belles. This looks like a fun Christmas movie, and the review did make me curious about the film as well. Since i love a wonderful, happy, heart warming Christmas with flesh wounds, pretty women and Krampus ready to party, i just had to see if Slay Belles would be surprisingly good. Do we finally have a Christmas movie that should be seen by the whole family, or is this movie that should have been dumped at the nearest garbage station ?

Three girls known as Alexi ( Kristina Klebe ), Dahlia ( Susan Slaughter ) and Sadie ( Hannah Wagner ) all go to the closed down Santa Land. They intend to film some social media videos for Adventure Girls. But while looking through Santa Land, they see the real Krampus walking around. The girls head inside a cabin, where Santa Claus ( Barry Bostwick ) is protecting himself from Krampus. Santa tells the girls that Krampus are looking for children, that he takes away. But the girls agree to help Santa stop Krampus, so he never can take any child ever again.

I have to say, while watching Slay Belles i am reminded of the good old days of the 80´s. Back then, movies were made with passion in a different way than today. You could say that Slay Belles is a look back at how we used to enjoy Christmas, and it was ok for women to dress sexy without being seen as sexual objects. They are just dressed up to give some Christmas joy. Because let´s be honest here, Slay Belles is supposed to be a fun horror movie, especially for those who enjoy B movies from the past. This is in no way a very original film in any way, but if you can accept that then you should have a good time with this film. There is a really crazy mix here of different Christmas elements thrown together, in a positive way. Let´s talk about the positive first. The costume design of Krampus looks really good. In fact, this is the best Krampus costume i have ever seen so far in a Christmas horror movie. The girls played by actresses Kristina Klebe, Susan Slaughter and Hannah Wagner all make a wonderful performance, as the happy Christmas girls helping Santa Claus to defeat Krampus. By the way, we have to mention legendary actor Barry Bostwick here who plays Santa ( known from classics such as Spy Hard and TV Comedy Series known as Spin City ). He also gives a solid performance, and clearly have good comedy timing in his scenes. The dialogue is funny as well ( for the most part ), and give this film a funnier tone than most Christmas horror movies. I have to mention i also appreciate that the film is not showing any snow at all, that Santa is hiding in a closed down park called Santa Land. It is nice to see a different perspective outside the traditional Christmas locations. Now to some negative. I feel that i would have liked this film to be at least 10 minutes longer, with more flesh wounds and violence. That does not mean i am complaining of the practical effects or the flesh wounds we get to see, but some more of this would have been nice. Other than that i can´t really complain about much. Director Dan Walker have made a Christmas movie that will please both horror fans, and people who loves to celebrate Christmas. i have to say that this is the best Christmas movie i have seen this year, and who knows, maybe we can have a sequel in the future ? Slay Bells is a fun tribute to the 80´s with something for everyone to enjoy. Of course you should see it, because remember what Santa says:- Polish the Christmas balls, or Santa will be naughty this year. I know he means serious business, so i guarantee i will be polishing really good this year.....

Rating: DDD

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