onsdag 5 december 2018

Dead Trigger: Unkilled

In most countries around the world, we celebrate Christmas to spend time with family, enjoy food and be nice to each other. In Sweden, we do it in a very different way. You see, here in Sweden, Christmas for us is about celebrating the greatest Icon of Swedish history ever, Dolph Lundgren of course. If you go on a Christmas market in Sweden, you will of course see Santa Clause, but in every heart of the Swedish population, they are all thinking about Dolph. So why is Dolph the true way of Christmas ? It all started in 1987, when Dolph Lundgren became the iconic Russian character Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. Ever since then, Swedish people are reminded of why Dolph means so much to us. If you visit Swedish people in their homes, i guarantee that they have classics on DVD such as Red Scorpion, Showdown In Little Tokyo, Universal Soldier or The Expendables. Speaking of The Expendables, that was the big return to the big screen for Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen, and i love these films so much. To see all those big action stars together on screen have really made my life wonderful. And i am so excited about The Expendables 4, that is said to be released sometime during 2019. Dolph have continued working hard in the B movie industry and i try to watch all of his films. I still have a few left, and hopefully i will get a chance to see them next year. A few B movie highlights with Doph we have to mention is of course Skin Trade, released in 2014. An action film that turned out to be one of the best action films of that year, and director Ekachai Uekrongtham managed to mix classic martial arts with fast action scenes in an effective way. If you have not seen Skin Trade, you should buy it on DVD or Blu Ray ( and you also support B movies this way ). Another film i have to mention is of course Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning. A sequel that turned out to be much better than i expected, and gave us a lot of fantastic fighting scenes. Especially between legendary action actor Scott Adkins and Andrei Arlovski. I also love the fighting scenes where Scott Adkins fight against Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme, this feels epic in so many ways. This is also a film you need to buy, because it is worth having in your collection. When ever i see Dolph releasing a new film, i always feel joy in my heart. So i got a chance to see one of his latest films called Dead Trigger: Unkilled, that looks like a zombie horror film. Not to be mixed up with Battle Of The Damned, another zombie film with Dolph released in 2013. Is the new zombie film Dead Trigger: Unkilled one of the highlights of this year, or should Dolph stay away from this genre completely and just do simple action films instead ?

The year is 2025, in Terminal City. Billions of humans have died from a mysterious virus, while a lot of people have turned into zombies taking over cities. Unable to stop the virus, the government develops a video game called "Dead Trigger " that shows what´s going on in the world. A special team of people are chosen to be a part of the Dead Trigger team, including Samantha ( Bleone Qereti ), Daniel Chen ( Justin Chon ), Chris Norton ( Chris Galya ) and many other members, led by Military leader Kyle Walker ( Dolph Lundgren ). Their mission is to take out zombies, and try and locate scientists trapped inside a medical facility, who may have answers to find a cure. But are they too late ? Is the virus spreading faster than they could have expected ?

Seeing another zombie action film might not be the thing we have all wished for. But the good news is that Dead Trigger: Unkilled is actually not a completely awful zombie film, and that is thanks to the characters of the special team, send out to kill the infected. There is a lot of shooting, decapitations, blood and some gore as well, so this turns out to be a B movie feast. Let´s talk about the characters. First of all, Dolph Lundgren is the biggest highlight in this film as Kyle Walker, one of the leaders of the Dead Trigger team. Dolph looks bad ass, he delivers the best dialogue, and he is the perfect choice for a zombie killer. But that´s not all, we have more great characters. Actor Keil Oakley Zepernick as the super developed zombie Project Alpha is really cool, a special designed zombie that don´t die from ordinary bullets. Actress Bleone Qereti as Martial Arts fighter Samantha is also a character this film needed, a strong female character ( unfortunately she does not get many scenes, and she should have had more honestly ). There are of course some awful characters as well, but let´s talk about something else thats positive. If you like a very simple zombie action horror film, where you don´t need to think, then Dead Trigger should be appreciated by you. Now to something negative. The make up on the zombies is not very effective. Especially one scene where a zombie scientist have an eye hanging down, looks pretty silly. The plot is of course not anything special, but that´s ok, since this is almost looks like a video game ( as we see people wearing special designed googles ). Does this film bring anything new ? Nothing at all, this is basically a very typical zombie movie that is designed for B movie lovers that love traditional zombie movies with no big surprises. If you are a fan of zombie movies i think you should give Dead Trigger: Unkilled a chance. Just to see Dolph Lundgren as a bad ass zombie killer is something you don´t want to miss. Directors Mike Cuff and Scott Windhauser clearly love this genre, and they manage to deliver some B movie fun for the audience. I am actually hoping for a sequel, just to see if we could see this team return for another mission. I would love to see B movie legends like Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Gary Busey in a sequel, so we really get to have some fun. If you don´t feel like watching traditional Christmas movies this year, why not put on Dead Trigger: Unkilled instead, and give Christmas a really jolly good zombie feeling instead ? I am sure Santa Claus will approve that, since i know he probably want to take down some zombies as well ( he probably have a shotgun in Santa´s sleigh, or a chainsaw, since he is filled with surprises ).

Rating: DDD

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