söndag 16 december 2018

The Worst Movie Of 2018 Is........

Cheers everyone !

Daniel here, getting ready for writing the final reviews of 2018. It has been a year filled with great movies, but also a year where some films have turned out to be really bad. I have not reviewed some films that i watched, that turned out to be awful. But one film clearly proved that there is still movies being made that are not supposed to exist. Sometimes you come across something that you did not want to experience, but once you do you will never forget it, unfortunately. So......i have chosen the worst movie i watched in 2018, and the winner is........

The Trump Prophecy

Congratulations, i wish we never met at all. Could it really be that bad ? This movie is beyond bad, this is a pile of turds thrown together, that leaves a sour taste that will never go away. Where do i start ? The acting in this film is so horrible, it feels like they have no idea what kind of characters they want to portrait. They just seem to stand in front of the camera and talk. The story is so cheesy you want to cry in pain, that this is supposed to be a serious drama. The special effects in the fire scenes ( this film is basically based on a true story about a fireman ) looks really bad. It looks like CGI fire, on the lowest budget they could find to make it look cool ( and they can´t even get this right ). What about the music ? Well, remember the Hallmark Channel back in the 90´s when they made super cheesy pop songs, that made you even more depressed than you ever thought was possible ? This is exactly how you feel hearing the songs in this film, because they are so polished, and so soft that you just want to find the nearest exit. 

I am telling you every single person out there worldwide, do not suffer like i did and avoid this film at all cost. I almost did not survive watching this film, i might need therapy for several months to become normal again.

So there you go, let´s leave this behind us and look forward to the last reviews of 2018 that i am working on right now. I have a few left to post once they are finished, and i hope you will enjoy them. I will see you soon, and enjoy your week in the best possible way.

Cheers from Daniel

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