fredag 7 december 2018

The Trump Prophecy


The greatest country in the world, if you ask Trump supporters. Let´s be honest here, i have heard some really stupid things from Trump supporters about my country Sweden, and i would like to share with you now what some of them have actually said.

* There are more murders in Sweden than in America
* The health care system in Sweden is really bad compared to America
* If we would have more people wearing guns in Sweden, we would solve crime much better

These are just a few things i have heard Trump supporters say, i could probably write down a whole list but that would just make you all fall asleep. So let´s just mention one more thing, that Trump supporters believe that chemicals in lakes are making frogs gay. Sounds fantastic right ? It has now been over 2 years since Donald Trump became The President Of The United States. I remember back in 2016, when i heard the news that Donald Trump won the election, i felt that this is not going to help America back on track. And boy was i right, i have never heard a President so crazy as this one. He have no compassion at all, and don´t seem to take anything seriously. I know that Barack Obama got a lot of criticism while he was President, but he actually did do some good things, if you compare to what Trump is doing at this moment. Now, what shocks me most of all is how ( some ) American Christians believe anything Trump says. Just look at evangelical TV host Jim Bakker, who loves Trump more than anything. Of course he has the right to do that, since we are all allowed to like anyone we want. But you can tell by Jim Bakker´s show that they clearly see Trump as the only answer for America´s future. With so much going on right now with Trump in power, i hope that the people of America will make sure to get a new president for 2020. Recently i came across a trailer of a film, that was released in October called The Trump Prophecy. I thought the title was a parody, like a satire comedy about Trump. But no, it turns out that this is a film made by Christians who loves Donald Trump. I watched the trailer and i got a bad feeling about this film. But i decided to watch thew film, just in case i might think that it´s not that bad. A movie that tributes the latest President of America, is this the masterpiece i always wanted to experience, or is The Trump Prophecy a movie that will make our lives miserable for all eternity ?

Fireman Mark Taylor ( Chris Nelson ) can no longer work any longer. Since a very sad tragedy happened inside a burning building, where a child died, Mark don´t have any power left to continue his job. He decides to quit, with the support of his wife Mary Jo Taylor ( Karen Boles ). Every night Mark has nightmares, as if a demon visits him. He has to struggle each night, not knowing why this demon is out after him. But suddenly one day, Mark have a vision, that Donald Trump will become the next President Of The United States. Most people think this can´t be true, but it turns out Mark is right. Is it possible that Donald Trump will lead the people of America into a brighter future ?

I already had a feeling that this propaganda film for Trump supporters would be awful. But this is actually a film that is so bad, i might have problems sleeping soon. Really ? Yes, i am serious. Everything feels wrong about this film. The acting is really awful, the cinematography is as cheap as a bargain sale at the dollar store, and the music is as cheesy as a Hallmark production left from the late 90´s. The story is supposed to be very dramatic, about a firefighter who can´t deal with his job anymore. And this could have been good, if they actually tried to make an interesting story. Most of all, if they actually tried to act, and they don´t really even try to do that either. Even the firefighter scenes looks incredible cheesy, and that is a really bad sign. Let´s talk about the characters for a while. Lead character known as Mark Taylor ( played by actor  Chris Nelson ) is supposed to be the hero of the movie, being a former firefighter and a Trump supporter. But to be honest, you don´t really care about him since he can´t act out any emotional scenes. The moments when he tries to act like you should feel sorry for him, you just don´t buy it. His wife Mary Jo Taylor ( played by actress Karen Boles from the good TV series Sleepy Hollow ) is perhaps one of the few characters that actually make something out of her character. That does not mean she is acting good, but give us a better acting performance than Chris Nelson. What about the other actors in this film ? Let´s just say that their performances are as predictable as a Ronan Keating album, you know exactly what it will look like. Is there anything positive about the story ? Honestly no, because this is clearly a film made to be a tribute to Donald Trump as the greatest man on this planet who will save America. I have no problem that this is a Christian film, but what i do have a problem with is that this film is so awful. The Trump Prophecy is without a doubt one of the worst movies of 2018. Director Stephan Schultze ( who worked as a cinematographer and producer on several films ) does not seem to know how to make a powerful drama film. Instead he makes a film that you want to flush down the toilet. I heard that the new Robin Hood film in cinema, have some really bad reviews out there. I can´t imagine it is that bad, if you compare it with The Trump Prophecy. If you want to be depressed and dig yourself under the ground, just watch this film and you will not want to see the sunlight ever again. Not as bad as Saving Christmas with Kirk Cameron ( i seriously doubt any film can be worse than that film ), but still bad enough to wish The Trump Prophecy never existed.

Rating: D

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