onsdag 26 december 2018

Commando Ninja

Action movies of the 80´s had so much quality. You got big guns, big explosions, ninjas, big muscles, cheesy dialogue, best soundtracks ever and hot girls of course. Just look at the classic Invasion U.S.A from 1985 with legendary action actor Chuck Norris. The scene where he drives right into a shopping mall and massacre terrorists is so beautiful. This is exactly what we needed back then, just see Chuck Norris shoot down 240 people with 80 different guns, because that was the best way to solve problems. Let´s stay within the year of 1985 and talk about the cult classic action movie Commando. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the bad ass character John Matrix, is a perfect example of what i loved about the 80´s. John Matrix would kill anyone, in all possible ways to get to his kidnapped daughter, and Commando really showed you the real American way. Commando may not be one of the best films that Schwarzenegger did in his career, but this is an action film that still works well today for being so brutal. And this movie is also really macho, just the way you want a Schwarzenegger movie to be. While we are talking about the year of 1985, let us also mention the cult classic action movie American Ninja with legendary action actor Michael Dudikoff. The first movie where we were introduced to his iconic character Joe T. Armstrong, an American soldier who also is a ninja. I still remember watching American Ninja back when i was a child. It was a film that found a special place in my heart because i loved B action movies with ninjas included. And i have to say, actor Michael Dudikoff proved himself to be a solid action star. The sequels that followed did bring some nostalgic action scenes, especially in American Ninja 4 - The Annhiliation when both Michael Dudikoff and David Bradley teamed up to fight ninjas together. I am happy to say that there are film makers that want to make movies that throws you back into the 80´s. Just look at what director David Sandberg managed to do with his movie Kung Fury, throwing in martial arts with guns, fast cars, nazis, dinosaurs and vikings ? Kung Fury is an outstanding tribute to the 80´s and i love this movie. The campaign for Kung Fury on Kickstarter did really well, so fans clearly want to see more of 80´s styled action films. Very early in 2018, i started hearing about a new action film that was going to be filled with ninjas and lots of action called Commando Ninja. I watched the trailer and it looked fantastic. The movie was released on YouTube last week, so of course i was excited. Is the new movie Commando Ninja a masterpiece, or a movie that does not deserve any respect ?

John Hunter ( Eric Carlesi ) is a Vietnam Green Beret Veteran, Half commando and Half Ninja who is living a quiet life in the countryside. When his daughter Jenny Hunter ( Anaelle Rincent ) is kidnapped by a secret Ninja Organization, John is determined to destroy everything that stands in his way, to get his daughter back. When Commando Ninja strikes, you will feel the eternal pain.

Do you remember that first time you fell in love, and never wanted to let go ?

That feeling is exactly how you will feel when you watch Commando Ninja. Not only is this the masterpiece of 2018, this is also the most beautiful movie of the year as well. Everything you wished for is here. Fantastic characters, hot naked girls, ninjas, dinosaurs, big guns that fire of 600 bullets in 4 minutes and dialogue so fantastic that you will have an orgasm. Commando Ninja is not only a film that educates our younger generation, it also shows that you show all your problems with a grenade launcher, instead of talking. And i have to say, this is exactly what we needed to hear now during Christmas week in 2018. In some ways, this movie looks very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger´s classic action movie Commando.  The main character known as John Hunter, feels like Schwarzenegger´s classic character John Matrix with only a few differences. When his daughter is kidnapped, you get a really crazy wild ride with a lot of B movie classics as influences. Actor Eric Carlesi in the lead role as John Hunter is absolutely brilliant. He capture the right feeling of a true American action hero who don´t listen to bullshit, he let his bullets do the talking instead. Do we have any other great characters in Commando Ninja ? Of course we do, we have Leeroy Hopkins, played by actor Phillippe Allier. Leeroy is a mixture of a true American patriot and a racist, who is actually damn fanny in this film. He brings most of the comedy scenes with his bad jokes, and the cheesiest dialogue that i simply love. Let´s not forget character Oscar Kowalsky, played by actor Stéphane Asensio. At first a tough Vietnam veteran, later turned into a deadly machine. You might think that Commando Ninja is just another B movie release. If this is what you thought, then you are wrong. Commando Ninja should be an education video for all the schools worldwide ( at the right age of course ), so a younger generation learns why video violence of the 80´s made us who gre up at this time period so intelligent. We did not need math books, we did not need to read books about boring subjects, we learned everything from watching Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme and especially Red Scorpion with Dolph Lundgren kicking ass. Director Benjamin Combes have managed to bring back the beautiful 80´s back into 2018, in a very loving way. He knows exactly what will make people fall in love again, and there is nothing more powerful in the name of love with the help of Commando Ninja. People all over the world, there is no doubt that this is the best movie of 2018. You must experience Commando Ninja, and i guarantee that you will remember the feeling of true love more than you ever thought was possible.

Rating: DDDDD

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