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30 Years Anniversary Review Of Troll 2

Men all over the world, let´s be honest. I don´t think we will ever be able to understand women completely. And the reason for that is because women are more intelligent than men ( not every woman of course, but for the most part this is the truth ). That does not mean we can´t have female friends, or find a great partner, of course we can. But always know that women will always be ahead of us on many different levels. So when did i start to learn this? Well, we will have to go back 28 years in time, to the year of 1992 to let you all know how i figured this out. I was 15 years old at that time, and i was probably one of the biggest VHS rental store nerds you could ever find. During this time i always thought that if i was going to understand women i have to watch the 1990 romantic comedy called Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. So i did, but i did not really understand women more with the help of this film. I know this film is seen a classic " chick flick " for a long time, but it wasn´t until later that year when i was about to find out how to understand women more. And that was with the help of a completely different film, that i never would have guessed would help me understand the mind of a woman. And that film turned out to be Troll 2, directed by Claudio Fragasso. A film i was lucky to see through my school classmate Jonas, who got a VHS copy from England ( i don´t think i saw this film released on VHS in Sweden during this time ) So what is Troll 2? Well, this is one of the most unique films ever made, that clearly inspire women worldwide to become independent, strong individuals, to take on the whole world. If you ask me, i would probably say this is the best feminist film ever made, so that must be wonderful right? This film was released in 1990 in USA ( and i did not see the film until 1992 ), so that means this film turns 30 years old this year. And i feel that we must celebrate this, with a 30 years anniversary review. Is this still a film that is one of a kind 30 years later with a lot to offer, or have the magic faded over the years and left Troll 2 to be forgotten?

Joshua Waits ( Michael Paul Stephenson ) is listening to his grandfather Seth ( Robert Ormsby ) reading a bedtime story about goblins. But his grandfather is no longer here, he have been dead for some time, but Joshua is still in contact with Grandpa Seth. Joshua´s father Michael Waits ( George Hardy ) have always dreamed about becoming a farmer, and now he has a chance to make his dream come true, by taking the whole family to the small community of Nilbog. Joshua is constantly warned by Grandpa Seth, that Nilbog is not a good place to visit. What secrets are kept hidden in the community of Nilbog ?

I have to admit that Troll 2 is one of those films, that should be on the list of films you have to see. You can not really explain the magic about this film in any simple way, but Troll 2 has pretty much everything you could possibly wish for. So why is this the film where men can understand women much more than Pretty Woman? Well, there are three scenes in this film that will guide you on the right path to knowledge:

* If a woman gives you green vomit food in the forest, it is to seduce you

* If a woman hit you in your nuts, it is to make you a homosexual

* If a woman turns you into a plant, it is her way to help the world to save the environment from pollution.

But if you throught that Troll 2 will teach you more about women, there is so much more to this film that you can learn from. Just look at goblins as a perfect example, how they behave and handle different situations. Every choice they do in this film makes perfect sense, even when they are running through a forest chasing a beautiful woman. Even when they feed on a melting female body, you get a sense that they are completely in control. We have to get into the characters for a while. One of the actors that really go all in for his character is actor George Hardy, who plays the character Michael Waits. A family father who is not only very caring about his family, but he knows exactly how to deal with unexpected events, such as when a local grocery story have not opened and he sits outside reading a cook book on vegatarian food. Of all the books you could carry with you, you choose a vegetarian cook book to read. I especially love the scene where Michael carry his son Joshua ( played by actor Michael Paul Stephenson ) to teach him manners, by reading name signs on every door, that he can not even see, because he is carried the other way around. Details such as these is what make Troll 2 so enjoyable, and we have more characters to mention. Actress Connie Young as Joshua´s big sister Holly, is the perfect American teen girl in every possible way. And it is thanks to her we learn why a woman hit a man in his nuts, and for that we will always be grateful. The screaming scene with actor Jason Wright as the character Elliott Cooper, may be one of my favourite screaming scenes ever made. Actress Deborah Reed as the odd lady Creedence Leonore Gielgud, is without a doubt every man´s fantasty. The plot of Troll 2 is all over the place with really crazy ideas, and this is why i love this film. When you think you know what will happen, the film switches scenes and bring surprises when you least expect it. The practical effects are amazing, even if you can tell it was all created on a very limited budget. If you love quality cult films, you can not find anything better than Troll 2, and this film should have a festival in every country every year, to celebrate the legacy of Troll 2. Director Claudio Fragasso clearly knew exactly what the world needed by creating this golden gem of cinema history. A film that deserves more respect in the film communities worldwide, and will everyone please nominate actor George Hardy for a Nobel prize in 2021? If someone deserves to win it is him for his outstanding contribution for a peaceful world, through his performance in Troll 2.

Rating: DDDD

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