onsdag 9 december 2020

The Mothman Legacy

Let´s go back 18 years in time, to the year of 2002. I remember this year for a number of reasons, and especially the summer of 2002 when American metal band Korn released their fifth studio album Untouchables. I used to play this album on repeat, everyday for months, and the song Here To Stay is still one of my favourite Korn songs of all time. If you would ask me today how i feel about the album in 2020, i would say that this album is a classic and should be bought on CD or Vinyl. This was also the year when American artist Beck released ( in my opinion ) his best studio album so far called Sea Change. Songs like The Golden Age, Paper Tiger and of course Lost Cause all helped this album to become the most powerful album that Beck has created. I do enjoy his cult classic album Odelay ( i know you all dance when you hear the song Where It´s At ), but Sea Change is still my favourite Beck album so far. But there was one thing that really stood out for me in 2002, and at that time i had no idea what an impact it would make on me, until i saw a unique film. That film is known as The Mothman Prophecies, released in June here in Sweden that year. I remember reading about the film in newspapers, because this film was based on the book ( with the same name ) by author John A. Keel. I never read the book itself, but since this film is based on actual events that occured in 1966 and 1967 in Point Pleasent, this made me very curious. I did see this film in cinema and i am happy that i did. The Mothman Prophecies have a very interesting story to tell, and in my opinion this is one of the better films with actor Richard Gere. The film basically tells the story of John A. Keel ( played by Richard Gere ) who researches the legend of the Mothman ( a well known folklore ). A film you need to see, because there is clearly a mystery behind this story of the Mothman. You should be able to find this film for a great prize on DVD, it is worth picking up. I recently came across a documentary on VOD called The Mothman Legacy, that i have never heard of before. Considering i find the film The Mothman Prophecies interesting, i was curious to see if The Mothman Legacy would add some more details about the mystery of the Mothman, that i never knew about before. Is this one of the better documentary films of 2020, or should you avoid this film and see The Mothman Prophecies instead?

Point Pleasent in West Virginia is a small town, with beautiful forest locations and is perfect for those who want to relax, and get away from the big city. But this city have a past, especially the well known 1967 accident with the Silver Bridge, that collapsed and killed 46 people. It was during this time and into the early 70´s reports were coming in of people who have seen a creature known as the Mothman.  More witnesses stepped forward over the years, but the question is, who is he and why does he appear on different locations?

Considering that i only knew a few details about the Mothman, this documentary gives you some more details, especially from witnesses who say they encountered Mothman in different time periods. You get to hear some interesting interview clips with Jeff Walmsey, the owner of the only existing Mothman museum. He clearly knows a lot about different stories about the Mothman, and he is clearly educated in the historical events surrounding Mothman as well. I also enjoy the interviews with Richard Hatem, who is the screenwriter of the film The Mothman Prophecies. You get a sense that he is very interested in the stories of Mothman, as he also tell us how the script to the film developed, that would later become a very interesting film. He also tell us that it was the novel The Mothman Prophecies from author John A. Keel that got him interested in the paranormal, and other mysteries such as the Mothman. When all of the witnesses and the people who have investigated about the Mothman for many years, sit down and tell us the most interesting details about this mystery, you have to ask yourself if this is just a mythical creature, or are people telling the truth? I am one of those who always want physical evidence to believe in something, or it would be very hard to believe. In the case of the Mothman, i have to say i am curious though, since there are a lot of witnesses and everyone seems to have very detailed information about what they saw. As a documentary film, The Mothman Legacy manage to deliver a story that will most likely make people fascinated in a mystery, that have been around for a very long time. Director Seth Breedlove tells this story in a smooth and simple way, so it is not hard to keep up with the timeline. Will people become more interested in the story of the Mothman with the help of this documentary film? It is possible, since this is a mystery that we may never find all the answers to. If you enjoy documentary films that have an open mind for the unknown, The Mothman Legacy could be what you are looking for. A fascinating story, that leaves more questions than answers, but maybe that´s a good thing, so everyone can have their own opinion.

Rating: DDD

If you are interested in seeing The Mothman Legacy on a physical copy on DVD or Blu Ray, you can find this documentary film on the following web page:


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