onsdag 30 december 2020

Latin Hitman

1993, a year i think a lot of people in my age ( i am 43 right now, that means i have lived through the last century and seen the stone age ), remember for different reasons. I personally remember this year, especially in the music industry and film industry, because we got some really good stuff being released in 1993. Let us begin with a CD album that really felt magical this year, and that is the debut album from British acid jazz soul funk band Jamiroquai, and the album is called Emergency On Planet Earth. This is one of those albums i can still listen to today, and feel the love in the music. Songs such as When You Gonna Learn, Too Young To Die, Blow Your Mind, If I Like It I Just Do It, they all bring the magic of acid jazz music of the 90s. One of the things that i believe makes this album feel just as important today, as it felt in 1993, is that this album really stand up against how badly the world is treated, through different environment issues, and the importance to respect different human cultures. And considering how the world is struggling now, this is still an album that should be played. When it comes to films that was released in 1993, this turned out to be a really good year with a lot of really good titles. And one of those films that comes to my mind, is the criminal drama film Blood In, Blood Out, from director Taylor Hackford ( who also directed one of the highlights of Keanu Reeve´s career, the film known as The Devil´s Advocate ). Bloon In. Blood Out tells the story of a local Vatos Locos gang, where new member Miklo Velka ( played really well by actor Damian Chapa ) get to prove his loyalty to the gang. Blood In, Blood Out manage to tell a very effective story on the lives of criminals, and how families are affected in many different ways. One of the things i really appreciate about this film, is that it takes it´s time to show us how hard life can be, if you basically have nothing and have to fight to survive. Actor Damian Chapa continued his acting career, making a lot of films. To be honest, i have not seen any of his films since 2011, so i decided to check out a film called Latin Hitman, that he is the lead actor in, and he is also the director as well. Is this one of the unexpected highlights of 2020, or should Latin Hitman be avoided at all cost?

Half Italian hitman Ramos Ferrari ( Damian Chapa ) is discriminated by the mob because of his Latino Mothers roots. As a result of not beeing 100% Italian, the mob sends Ramos out on some jobs, including killing a young girl. But when Ramos does not follow instructions from the mob, letting the girl live, they put out an hit on Ramos.


I don´t know if i have seen anything as funny as Latin Hitman in a long time. You see, this movie is so bad, that you will roll around laughing on the floor, because this is the worst action film you could possibly find in 2020. Just so you know folks, i have seen a lot of bad movies over the years, and some of them i can actually enjoy. But this film is on a whole different level of bad, that you did not expect to find. Just to give you some hints of why this film is so bad, they use CGI fire on the guns that looks like it was made from a Commodore 64 computer ( that was popular in the 80´s ). The violence scenes look so horrible, that it feels like watching a school film project gone terribly wrong, thanks to the horrible editing. The strange soundtrack playing in the background to a lot of scenes, does not make a lot of sense. There are even some really bad audio moments, where some of the dialogue feels added in the last minute, where vioces of the characters don´t match with the voice they had earlier. Lead actor Damian Chapa have been around the movie industry for a very long time, and i really respect his performance in the classic 1993 film Blood In, Blood Out. But that was 27 years ago, and to see him in a film as Latin Hitman clearly shows that he is not the same powerful actor he was in 1993. And believe me when i say this, Damian is actually the best part of Latin Hitman, and he still can´t make this film any better, with all the bad editing and the silly fights. We have to mention actress Alexandra Prokhorova as the character Sveta. Let me put it this way, if you thought you have seen some bad acting this year, just wait until you see Alexandra act in front of the camera. If you had a bad day and need a moment of laughter, then this is what you need to see. I am sure she is a wonderful woman in every possible way, and this is nothing personal against her, but she clearly needs to work on her acting. As an action drama, Latin Hitman miss every possible mark to make this a good hitman film. The action does not feel exciting, the violence is just hillarious to watch, and you can´t take this film serious at all. I understand that director Damian Chapa probably set out to do a cool gangster film, but with so many details that are missing, this is most likely the funniest film i have seen this year. Latin Hitman might become a cult film, if film fans of really bad films find this one on VOD. And i would love to see this film being played on a festival, because we all love to see bad films getting respect on independent festivals. Considering how bad 2020 turned out for everyone, this might actually be exactly what we need to finish this year off with. I really needed to experience Latin Hitman, because this film made me realise that there is no other film this year that made me laugh hysterical, that has to be a sign of hope right? I beg you all, please rent Latin Hitman, you will not regret it.

Rating: D

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