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A Bennet Song Holiday

Every year in Sweden, we have a thing that Swedish TV channel SVT does as a tradition. And that is to have a Julvärd ( Christmas Host ) to present classic Christmas TV programs such as Kalle Anka Julafton ( Donald Duck Christmas Eve ), Sagan Om Karl-Bertil Johanssons Julafton ( The Story Of Karl-Bertil Johanssons Christmas Eve ) and many more shows. The tradition of a Julvärd have been around for many many years in Swedish TV, and the most legendary TV host on Christmas Eve is of course legendary TV host Arne Weise. I have so many memories as a child watching Arne Weise light up the Christmas candle for so many years, listening to his wise Christmas speech that gave hope to millions of swedes, especially for those who are poor, old or alone, that needed someone to speak out to them. This year we have a new Julvärd know as Lars Lerin, the famous painter and author, a great choice if you ask me. Looking forward to see him on Christmas Eve, spreading some joy to everyone. Sometimes you need a swede to light up the Christmas spirit around the world, because there is something magical about us swedes. This is why i came up with an idea for SVT to reach out to billions of people worldwide with a new Christmas special every year, and that would be called…….

A Christmas With Harley Wallen

So why would this be the greatest Christmas show on SVT ever? Simple, because Harley Wallen is originally from Sweden, and that includes him as a Christmas miracle. He is also a professional actor, a professional director, and he have that Christmas look that would be perfect for the show A Christmas With Harley Wallen. So what would the show have to offer? Everything you could wish for, how about Harley Wallen making Christmas cookies with Dr Alban, or seeing Eric Saade decorating the Christmas tree with Harley ? One segment i know would be successfull is Harley Wallen making snow ball fights with singer Charlotte Perrelli, Jonas Gardell and Leif GW Persson, who would not want to see that? Yes indeed folks, Swedish TV channel SVT have to make this show reality, because i know the whole world wants to see this. I have reviewed 2 films from director Harley Wallen in the past, Eternal Code and Abstruse, and for those who want to find out my thoughts on these films, can find reviews of both films in my blog. I have been talking to very friendly film produer Joe Williamson for quite some time, and he mentioned if i could review A Bennet Song Holiday, so of course i said yes. I had no idea that this film is a sequel to Bennet´s Song, so i had no idea what to expect with A Bennet Song Holiday. Is this the best Christmas movie of 2020, or is this film just as sleepy as watching Swedish horse races known as V75?

The Bennet/Song family is facing a very difficult time. Their local community center who help children in many different ways to develope their talents, could be closed for good. Ruthless businessman Aiden Neville ( Corbin Bensen ) give the community center 40 days to get the money they need to stay open, or he will make sure that they shut down for good, with the help of his brother and companion Paul Neville ( Fred Buchalter ) and Paul´s fiancée Tessa Anderson ( kaiti Wallen ). The Bennet/Song family can not let this happen, so with the help of Cole Bennet ( Harley Wallen ), his wife Susan Song ( Aphrodite Nikolovski ) and many others, they come up with an idea to make a christmas themed evening in music to gather enough money to the community center, to make sure they can continue helping children.

If you are not a fan of Christmas movies, then this film will probably not change your mind. However, if you love everything about Christmas, and you love the films of Harley Wallen, then this should be exactly what you want to see during the holiday season. This is no ordinary Christmas movie, in that sense that this film is actually focused on some very important issues. Especially the community center for kids, that could be shut down if businessman Aidan ( Corbin Bensen ), who i am sure most of you have seen in the 90´s classic The Dentist ) get his plans in action. Corbin gives one of the stongest acting performances in this film, and i have to mention legendary actor Dennis Haskins ( who you also can see in the Harley Wallen film Abstruse ) as the character Sam Bennett, who bring us a charming character that fits right in with the plot and the characters. Swedish actor / director Harley Wallen is without a doubt one of the biggest reasons why you should see A Bennet Song Holiday. His character Cole Bennett is the guy you would want to celebrate christmas with, a laid back dude who cares about everyone but also knows how to charm everyone. One of the best scenes in this film is when Cole is being laid out for an bachelor auction, where he says a great dialogue in Swedish language ( not revealing what it is, you will have to see the film to hear it yourself ;) ). A Bennet Song Holiday is a film that shows the true meaning of Christmas, in many different situations. Help the people who need help, show that you care any way you can in those who needs someone to talk to, and most of all how important it is to be with your family, no matter how big or small the family is. I especially think this film also manage to show that it does not really matter what our background is, or if you are wealthy or poor. Everyone should be loved for who they are, and no matter where they originally come from. If you enjoy charming Christmas films, i have a feeling that A Bennet Song Holiday will get your Christmas spirit filled with a joy and a warm heart as well. Well done director Harley Wallen, you clearly know that this world needed a positive film this year, and you prove this with A Bennet Song Holiday. One advice though Harley, if i can see you sing a cover music video of Wham´s classic song Last Christmas next year, i will have the best christmas ever ( i guarantee that ).

Rating: DDD

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