tisdag 15 december 2020

Bad President

America, where anything is possible. And that is probably true, considering this country seems to have something for everyone. And for each year i have heard some very unique personalities in America, that i am no longer shocked or surprised anymore. I could probably give you a whole list of great examples, but let´s narrow it down to two personalities that are worthy to mention. Let us begin with New York Pastor James David Manning, who have confirmed that the world´s biggest coffeehouse chain Starbuck´s, have gay male semen in their coffee. How does he know you might ask? Because he knows how it tastes like. If that does not prove why Americans should be proud, i don´t know what will. But let us move on to our second personality, that should be mentioned. And that is of course legendary Christian TV host Pat Robertson, on the 700 Club. In this show he have a segment called Ask Pat A Question, and this is where the fun begins. In one of his most iconic answers, he told a wife that her husband will only have sex with men when he is drunk, because that´s the only time a man sleeps with another man, it would never happen if he is sober. This makes perfect sense right? So i can understand why Americans are proud of America, when we have personalities like James David Manning and Pat Robertson helping everyone to lead the way. But let´s be honest, since the Presidential election 2016, we have seen a lot of things happning with America, since Donald Trump was elected president. What a disaster these years have been, especially from the beginning of 2020. A president who does not care about a pandemic, and tweeted about everything else instead? It´s like letting a spoiled child into the control room for nuclear weapons, let him do whatever he wants, and he don´t care about the consequences. Since Trump have made some really strange things in these 4 years, comedians like Alec Baldwin have done a brilliant portrait of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, that you all should see. But that´s not all, we actually have other comedy films made, making fun of Trump as a president. One of those films is known as Bad President, who film producer Joe Willamson asked me to review, so of course i said yes. Is this one of the funniest comedies of 2020, or is Bad President as bad as Donald Trump´s hair piece?

Luther ( Eddie Griffin ), also known as the devil, is not happy with the state of the world. He wants chaos, and America needs a president that no one would have believed would make it all the way to The White House. While Luther is talking to his followers, one of them suggest that Donald J Trump ( Jeff Rector ) should be running for president. Luther realise that Trump is a perfect choice, and now he needs to make sure that Trump will run a presidential campaign

If you are a Trump supporter, there is a chance you may not like this film. But if you don´t like Donald Trump as a president, i guarantee you will find a few funny moments in Bad President. Just the idea of telling the story of how Trump really became the president through the help of Luther ( played by legendary comedian / actor Eddie Griffin ) is a great idea. Because i honestly think if Satan could choose a president, his first choice would be Donald Trump. Let´s talk about the characters for a bit. Luther is without a doubt one of my personal favourite characters in this film, since Eddie Griffin manage to match his performance well. Jeff Rector, who plays Donald Trump, does manage to capture some of the familiar facial expressions and the way Trump treat people through his acting. It is not the greatest Trump interpretation i have seen, but he does manage to pull off some funny dialogue. My biggest problem with Bad President is that the comedy scenes are not always as funny, as a political comedy. They have a great idea about making fun of Donald Trump, and they do bring him into some odd situations. But the comedy level does not reach as high as i would have hoped for, and i find myself not laughing as much as i would have liked to. Making a political comedy is not easy, and you have to be able to balance political issues in a way that matches funny situations. I will say though that Bad President do get it right in some scenes, especially with Eddie Griffin who knows how to deliver comedy material. One character i feel failed in this film, is actor Kevin Indio Copeland who plays Putin, he does not give us a portrait of Putin that we recognize, unfortunately. If you want to see a film that makes fun of Donald Trump, i do believe you will find moments in this film you will enjoy. But if you are looking for a hysterical funny film, you won´t find it here with Bad President. Director Param Gill have made a political comedy that tries to stretch out in all directions, and in some places he does manage to find the right strings. If only he would have gone a bit more crazy with the political satire, i think this could have been an even funnier film. Maybe if a sequel is made, we might get an even more crazier film. Now that would be something to look forward too.

Rating: DD

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