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Cyborg: Deadly Machine

I believe i would be the best wedding planner ever. How can i know that? Well, i have a very good sense of how a wedding should look like. Old traditional weddings are not as popular anymore, so i know exactly how the perfect wedding would look like. I would throw away all those fancy napkins, all the candle holders and traditional wedding clothes. Imagine making a wedding chappel that looks like the background of sci fi action film American Cyborg: Steel Warrior from 1993, now there´s a perfect wedding scenery. The bride and the groom would of course play the film´s main characters Austin and Mary, while the best man can be the evil cyborg assassin. Just imagine these three running through the wedding chappel with laser guns ( with real lasers of course ), and try and survive the apocalypse. You see, i told you i am the perfect wedding planner, so contact me if you ever need plans for the perfect wedding. When we think about cyborgs ( or Androids ), we have plenty of films to choose between. One of my personal favourites has to be director Albert Pyun´s 90´s classic Nemesis. This is one of those films that you can really say have everything you need. Imagine an action film with so much violence, that you can´t stop hugging your Blu Ray player, how often does that happen? Exactly, not very often. Nemesis is a futuristic apocalyptic action film, where illegal Androids have become a part of the society, while criminals enhance themselves with cybernetic components. To keep things in order, LAPD bounty hunter Alex Raine ( played by legendary action actor Oliver Gruner ) is forced to take some extreme measures to get the job done. Nemesis is one of those films you have to have seen before you pass away, because this film have everything you could possibly ask for. And i personally feel this is the best film from director Albert Pyun, since he managed to do something different and unique with Nemesis. There are a lot of sequels to Nemesis, but you don´t need to see them honestly, the first film is still the best. What if you combined Albert Pyun´s Classic Cyborg with James Cameron´s cult film The Terminator, what would you get? It is possible this combination is what inspired the makers of Cyborg: Deadly Machine, a Kickstarter project that became reality thanks to fans of 80´s action films. As soon as i saw the trailer for this short film ( landing in about 60 minutes ), i knew this would be something to see. The question is, does Cyborg: Deadly Machine deliver as much as i hoped for, or is this just as bad as Nemesis 4: Death Angel ?

In an apocalyptic future, Stacy ( Aurelie Aloy ) is a resistance fighter who is trying to locate chef Alex Rayne ( Dave Trix ), who may hold the key to destroy the cyborgs created by Magnatron Corp, the ruiling organization run by the machines. They are being hunted by the C-9000, the last cyborg of his generation. And the C-9000 will not stop until they are terminated.

If you were worried that nothing good would turn out of the year of 2020, do i have some good news for you. Cyborg: Deadly Machine feels like a throwback to the glory days of 80´s video violence, where you get big guns, fighting, cyborgs, fun dialogue and of course….fantastic acting. This is one of those films where you can feel that the whole team have a big passion for the 80´s, and that they really tried hard to capture the feeling of a cyborg movie, inspired by films such as The Terminator. The plot is really simple, but this is something that i really appreciate about this short film. It is more focused on delivering action scenes, than trying to make a complicated plot. We have to talk about actress Aurelie Aly in this film. She feels like another version of Linda Hamilton´s iconic character Sarah Connor from The Terminator franchise, with her own character Stacy. She is bad ass, is not afraid to stike back against the evil cyborg. Aurelie Aly should have her own film in the future, where we get to see her kick more ass, no matter if it is fighting cyborgs or criminals, i would love to see her in a new action film. She does a wonderful job with her acting performance in Cyborg: Deadly Machine, and i look forward to see what she will bring us in the future. Another really cool character is Alex Rayne ( played by actor Dave Trix ), who reminded me of legendary actor Michael Biehn in The Terminator. Alex is a very macho male character, who fits right in with the plot as he fights against cyborgs, any possible way to make sure they will be terminated. The action scenes are very violent, and you can feel the 80´s heat in the air of this film, thanks to the brilliant soundtrack. Director Mathieu Cailliere proves that there is still hope for action films in the future, by bringing us this delightful action feast that have all the right ingredients for 80´s nerds like myself. Cyborg: Deadly Machine may be one of the best short films i have seen since Kung Fury, and for that i believe Mathie and his team should be treated with a lot of respect, they have done a wonderful job. If you don´t know how to celebrate New Years Eve, i suggest you do it in the best possible way, in the company of Cyborg: Deadly Machine.

Rating: DDDD

P.S. You can watch Cyborg: Deadly Machine for free on YouTube on the following link:


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