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15 Years Anniversary Review Of World Trade Center

There are certain days you remember, for a number of reasons. It could be days when your family have a new family member welcomed to the family, or if you find out that you are ok after a cancer operation ( i had surgery for cancer, and if i would not have done it, i might not be here today ). I still remember that day when i was told that they removed the cancer from me, and it looked good, they could not find any more, it was hard to hold back the tears. Knowing that you will be able to continue living life, made me realize to be thankful for a lot of things, that we may not think about. When you go through something like this, you definetely have a different perspective on life. Speaking of remembering certain days, i still remember September 11 in 2001, i was at work when a close friend called me and said:- Did you see what happened in New York? I had no idea what he was talking about, since i was working, but he said:- You need to listen to the radio, or turn on a TV if you can. At my break, i went to our lunch room at work and turned on the TV. I still remember being shocked two see that the World Trade Center have been attacked by two airplanes, that was organized by terrorist organisation al-Qaeda. I still remember the horrible pictures of people jumping out of the World Trade Center towers, as the buildings were burning. Images like that is something you will never forget, no matter how many years goes by. I also remember seeing the rescue workers, struggling to help people who were wounded. As the towers went down, and you saw the wind of dirt going through the air, you could see the fear in people´s faces. This happened 20 years ago, this year, and we will never forget what happened that day. We lost a lot of human lives that day that will always be remembered. In the year of 2006, legendary director Oliver Stone released his film World Trade Center, a film that tries to tell the story of police officers, how they tried to survive inside the buildings of World Trade Center. I have not seen this film in almost 10 years, but it felt like a perfect time to revisit the film now, at Septermber 11 in 2021, 20 years after the terrorist attacks in New York. Is this film still a solid film, or is this film not as powerful, 15 years after the release?

On September 11, 2001, members of the Port Authority Police are dispatched to Midtown Manhattan in response to the North Tower of the World Trade Center having been hit by a plane. The officers find out that the South Tower have also been hit by a plane. Seargent John McLoughlin ( Nicolas Cage ), assembles a group of volunteers including officers Will Jimeno ( Michael Pena ) and Dominick Pezzulo ( Jay Hernandez ), to retrieve rescue equipment from Building 5. But none of them are prepared, of what´s to come.....

There is no doubt that legendary director Oliver Stone went into this film, knowing that it would affect a lot of people worldwide. You can tell that he wanted to give us a portrait, of how horrible it must have been, being inside the building with so many victims. And i have to say, this film does a really good job, telling the story, just as it was. I can not say if everything is correct, in the right order, but it feels like they at least made an effort to show their respect, both to the police officers, rescue workers and the victims as well. And it feels like this is something you need to do, if you are making a film like this, knowing that it will be very emotional, especially to the familes who lost their loved ones on September 11, 2001. The cast of this film is pretty incredible, you have legendary actor Nicolas Cage ( who have both some really good, and bad films in his catalogue ) as Sergeant John McLoughlin, Michael Pena ( who is really good in the film Crash ) as police officer William J. Jimeno , and we also have wonderful actors such as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Stephen Dorff, Nicholas Turturro and many more. And when you have a cast like this, telling a story of what happened during 9/11, you know that these actors know how to give the audience realistic portraits. And they all do a great job, and you can tell they went into this film, trying to give you a feeling of the nightmare that they had to go through. One of the things i think this film does well, is to show how horrible, it must have been for police officer John McLoughlin and his co workers, not knowing if they would ever get out there alive. You can see the fear in his eyes, and hear his frustration, as he is completely stuck underground. World Trade Center is a well made film, and really manage to capture the feeling of that horrible day, through several powerful scenes. Legendary director Oliver Stone knows how to tell a story in his own unique way, and he proves that once more with this film. He is especially good at capturing historical moments, and transfer them to the big screen, as he did in his film JFK. The timing could not be better right now to watch this film, 20 years after the 9/11 attack on New York, i suggest you go watch World Trade Center on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other platform.

Rating: DDD

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