torsdag 2 september 2021

Blood Red Sky

I love flying to different countries, and just the feeling of leaving your own country, to explore new places, Even if i ever would go to a place i have been to, such as an island in Greece, i would never stay at the same hotel, or even at the same street. I always change locations, because if i have already seen certain streets, while living there at a hotel, i rather see something else. My dad actually have a former co worker ( my dad owned a construction company for over 40 years ), and this man always rented the same house, at the same location, every summer. He could have rented another cabin in the area, but no, it had to be that specific cabin. I suppose we all have our requests, and prefer certain things, but i am personally quite open minded, and don´t need everything fixed. Like one time when i flew to Prague, Czech Republic with my wife, i did not book any hotel, just the flight. We fixed a hostel room instead, and it turned out to be great. Only thing that was odd, was that we had a shower where everyone showered together, men and women. Because in Prague, that´s what you do, no need for privacy there, just shower everyone together. Speaking of travelling, there are a lot of films that takes place on an airplane, and i am especially thinking about one film that is known as Flightplan, directed by Robert Schwentke ( who directed the latest G.I. Joe film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, a film i will be doing a review of this autumn ). Released in 2005, this film tells the story of American aviation engineer Kyle Pratt ( played really good by legendary actress Jodie Smith ), who is travelling with her 6-year-old daughter Julia, on a flight to take back her husband´s body back to the U.S. from Berlin. On the flight, her daughter suddenly disapperar, without any traces. She knows her daughter checked in with her, and that they sat down in the plane together, so how can she have disappeared? A very solid psychological thriller with solid performances. Definetely worth checking out on Netflix, or Amazon Prime, wherever you can find it. Horror films that takes place on an airplane can be found, in very different shapes and formats. One of the films i have been looking forward to see is the German horror film Blood Red Sky, since this is a vampire film. Germany have a history of good horror films, remember Rammbock ( also known as Siege of The Dead in the UK )? Is the Netflix horror film Blood Red Sky one of the film you have to see this autumn, or should you not waste your time on this film?

A German widow, Nadja ( Peri Baumeister ), and her son Elias ( Carl Anton Koch ) prepare to board the plane. Nadja, who appears to suffer from leukemia, is set to visit a doctor who can provide her with the treatment she needs to restore health. As the passengers settle down for the evening, a group of men, including the co-pilot Bastian Buchner ( Kai Ivo Baulitz ), directly murder three marshals on the plane and sabotage the black box, preventing the plane from being tracked on radar. Their leader, Berg ( Dominic Purcell ), makes an announcement to the passangers that he and his men are now in control of the plane. A sociopath hijacker named Eightball ( Alexander Scheer ) sees Nadja trying to hide with Elias, and he shoots her down. Assuming that she is now dead, they have no idea what is waiting for them. Nadja is actually not an ordinary human.

Do you remember when Wesley Sniped needed to take a drug to stay in control in the 2002 film Blade 2? There is actually a similar idea in Blood Red Sky, with the main character Nadja ( played by actress Peri Baumeister ), have to take some kind of medicine ( drug ? ) to stay in control, just like Blade did back in 2002. And i actually think this gives the vampire character of Nadja a completely different portrait as a vampire. If you are going to make a vampire film, why not try and do a film that does not follow the same pattern, as the most usual vampire films does these days? So this is definetely one of the most positive details about this film. What else works with Blood Red Sky? If you love brutal vampire films, you will definetely have some fun with this one. Especially when most of the passengers turn into vampires, then we really get into some fun scenes. The vampire design is simple, but effective. I would say that they actually did a good choice by staying true to a more classic look of the vampire, instead of making them all look like monsters. The acting in this film is very divided, since there are some characters who does a good job, while some deliver a performance who does not make a big impact. A perfect example of this is actor Dominic Burcell ( who you might remember from Blade: Trinity? ) as the terrorist character Berg. He have the right look of a terrorist, but his performance does not really give the character any depth. This is why we should be thankful for the character Robert/ Eightball from actor Alexander Scheer. This is exactly how you play a terrorist on a plane, with no boundaries of insanity, and Alexander really capture the audience with his wonderful, psychotic performance. Lead actress Peri Baumeister definetely goes into her character Nadja in a powerful way, especially when she turns into the vampire. Blood Red Sky manage to combine a classic airplane hijack idea, with vampires in a simple, but effective way. Director Peter Thorwarth pay respect to classic films in this genre, but adding some different ideas as well. He is clearly a fan of vampire films, and you can tell that through his passion for this genre, in this film. Blood Red Sky may not be a future classic, but definetelly a fun vampire ride. If you are a fan of this horror genre, you should check this film out on Netflix. I definetely feel more inspired to fly, after the experience of watching Blood Red Sky.

Rating: DDD

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