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CarousHELL 2

Autumn, the coziest time of the year. To walk around in the forest and collect autumn leaves, there is nothing better in this world. So why would you want to collect autumn leaves? Trust me, there is nothing sexier than having dried autumn leaves, in a well designed scrapbook. Just imagine turning each page, looking at the corners of every leaf, the colors, the incredible design of a leaf, i can´t imagine that anything would be more sexier than this. Does this mean i have my own scrapbooks of dried autumn leaves? Of course, what else am i supposed to look at to get turned on? A beautiful woman perhaps? Yes, i don´t mind that either, but the shape of a leaf is different, it´s quite hard to explain. Let´s just say i suggest that you try making your own leaf scrapbook, and i am sure you will soon find out your new passion. I would personally like to start my own association, where i gather people from all over the world with scrapbooks of dried leaves. I think the perfect name for this association would be Lust With Leaves. I am hoping for at least 20 members, so we could have members meetings and discuss leaves for 3 hours, in every meeting. I might be able to give everyone a cup of tea at the meetings, but be prepared that there will only be one tea flavor ( why make it complicated? ) Since i did mention how cozy autumn is, i think this is a perfect moment to mention a cozy film, and that is of course the 2016 horror comedy CarousHELL, from director Steve Rudzinski. It is quite difficult to find any film similar to CarousHELL, and this is why it probably got a lot of attention, especially online. I am not sure how well the film made in DVD sales, but i have a feeling that the film did gather a cult film following, since i still hear people talking about it today, 5 years later. I had a really good time with CarousHELL, and if you have not bought the DVD, you should. I have been hearing about a sequel for some time, and then i noticed an Indiegego campaign for CarousHELL2. It was nice to see that people wanted a sequel. So here we are in 2021, with the next chapter of CarousHELL. I was curious to see if this film would be as entertaining as the first film, so the question is, does this sequel work better than the original film, or is CarousHELL 2 just as bad as the Kevin Sorbo film Faith Under Fire?

Duke ( the voice of actor Steve Rimpici ) have had a good run, killing people who deserved to be killed. But now he finds out that he is actually a father, to a unicorn. Life suddenly have a purpose, until nazis mess up everything. It´s time for Duke to show the world once more, why unicorns don´t take shit from anyone, especially not from nazis.

To make a worthy sequel to a beloved film, is not easy. You have to be able to capture the right tone of the original film, and add some surprises as well, without loosing a connection to the original idea. And i have some good news for you, this sequel is actually better than i expected. Not only does this film manage to pick up really well from the first film, but we also find out more about the background story of the unicorn Duke ( still done brilliant by voice actor Steve Rimpici ). Knowing that Duke is now a father of another unicorn, this film definetely tries to go deeper into Duke´s life. One of the best parts of CarousHELL 2, is the nazi characters. Not only are they really funny, but they match mutch better than i expected, into the story of this film. Actress Aleen Isley as nazi leader Ilsa, is really funny. You can tell she had a really good time doing such a wacky character, and Ilsa is exactly who you would want to invite to a family dinner. If no one is having a good time there, you know Ilsa will get the party started. We also have to talk about wonderful actress Rebecca Rinehart as the nazi character Katrina. I have always felt in the past, that Rebbeca is one of a kind when it comes to making characters, in her own uniqe way. And you can clearly see that in this film, especially her comedy timing. She deliver some really funny scenes, and i have a feeling that she had a really good time while making this film. Katrina is exactly the kind of woman you would want at your bachelor party, because you never know what she would do, with no limits on her mind. What about the male actors? Terence Lee Cover as the nazi character Otto, is another great match for this film. He have good comedy timing, and i love the look of his character, he looks exactly what you would expect from a nazi librarian. The brutal kills that we got in the first film, they are here in this sequel as well, and they did a really good job on the practical effects. Director Steve Rudzinski deliver a sequel that is not only funnier than the first film, but also give us a deeper perspective on Duke. CarousHELL 2 is a must watch for those who enjoyed the first film, and appreciate quality films.

Rating: DDDD

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