fredag 24 september 2021

SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan ( SAS: Red Notice )

There is something special about military action films. Just to see some violence, guns, fighting, military style, it all feels welcome to me. Since i grew up watching a lot of military action films in the 80´s, you knew what to expect. You would get that wonderful dialogue, that may not have made a lot of sense, but that was the whole idea. It was very important to show muscles, that when you had to kick ass, you made sure that person would not stand up again. Let us not forget about weapons, they had to be in close up, so you knew someone was going to clean up the trash. As the years went by, military action films did improve, when it comes to telling a story, and being well made as well. A perfect example of that is the 2013 action film Lone Survivor from director Peter Berg. Based on the biographical novel Lone Survivor by author Marcus Luttrell, with assistance from novelist and ghostwriter Patrick Robinson. Lone Survivor tells the story of the unsuccessfull United States Navy SEALs counter-insurgent mission Operation Red Wings, during wich a four-man SEAL team, was given the task to track down Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. This is one of those films that was actually better than i expected, with strong performances from actors such as Mark Wahlber ( who plays Marcus Lottrell ), Taylor Kitsch ( who plays Michael Murphy ) and Emile Hirsch ( who plays Danny Dietz ). There are other great performances as well, but what makes this film especially good is the way that director Peter Berg manage to tell this story, in a powerful and realistic way. Lone Survivor is a must see, if you are a fan of military action films. Check out the Blu Ray release and listen to some really nice special features. During this summer i discovered a film i have never even heard of called SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan. I love to be surprised, when i see a film that shows up and heard nothing about it, so i finally sat down to watch this film on Netflix, to see if it would be any good. Is this one of the better action films released this year, or is SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan just as bad as professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya´s latino pop album Oscar De La Hoya, released in the year of 2000?

Black Swans, a family-owned private military led by American citizens William Lewis ( Tom Wilkinson ) and his adult children Grace Lewis ( Ruy Rose ) and Oliver Lewis ( Owain Yeoman ), was hired by SAS commander George Clements ( Andy Serkis ) to help a transnational gas pipeline clear through a remote village, located at the Gveil Pass in Georgia. The faced resistance and started a massacre. What they don´t know is that everything was secretely filmed by a young girl. Black Swans are now in trouble, and recieve red notices, accused of crimes against humanity.

If you have been looking for a military action film that feels like a throwback to the 90´s. then you might actually enjoy SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan. This is a very simple action film in many ways, with a lot of typical cliches, and that´s ok. Sometimes, you just want to have a good time, and watch a film that does not need a lot of thinking, and rely on entertaining the action audience instead. We need films like these to still be made, so i appreciate that Netflix released this film, so more people can discover the passion of military action films. Since a lot of films these days focus a lot on CGI effects, this film definetely tries to go more old school instead. We have to talk about the characters, and one of them who specifically stands out, is of course actress Ruby Rose ( known from her past as a MTV presenter in Australia, and working on music as well ) as the character Grace Lewis. The thing i like most about actress Ruby Rose, is that she is actually a perfect actor in action films. This is her kind of genre, instead of making drama films or romantic comedies, she should be making action films in the future. Because i feel that she have the right kind of personality for this genre, and she does her action scenes well. I have seen her in other action films such as XXX: Return Of Xander Cage, John Wick Chapter 2, and recently in the action film Doorman. If she continue on this path to make action films, i just know she have a lot more to offer the audience in the future. We also have legendary actor Tom Wilkinson ( who have been in so many classics such as In The Name Of The Father, The Full Monty and Rush Hour ) as the character William Lewis. Tom have such a natural way to portrait any kind of character, so this is definetely a perfect match for him in this role, Really nice to see legendary actor Andy Serkis ( who portrayed Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy ) in this film as well. If you are hoping for a very intelligent plot, you won´t find it in this film. But i can accept that, since i feel that this film was made for an audience who just want a traditional military action film, and this actually helps this film work. Norwegian Director Magnus Martens have no problem constructing this film, knowing that this is what old school action fans are looking for. SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan is a great choice for a cozy Netflix evening at home, if you enjoy military violence, just like myself. Anyone have a AK-47 lying around the kitchen table? I thought i should go outside and do some.... autumn gardening work.

Rating: DDD

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