torsdag 2 september 2021

Blackstock Boneyard

It´s hard to understand, that even in the year of 2021, we still have racists in this world. You would think that times would have changed, that people would see that we are all human beings, no matter what country we live in. I never really understood racist behavior, especially this idea that there should only be certain human races. To me, this is just pure bullshit. Who cares where you are from, or what language you speak. I would never personally judge someone, because of what country they are from. What we should be focusing on is to try and help each other, reach out if anyone needs us, and get to know people from different cultures. That´s how you make a good society, showing that there is no difference between us. There will always be people we may not agree with ( trust me, i do not like evangelical scammers like Jim Bakker, trying to sell a Miracle Blanket lately for 1000 U.S. dollars, how can anyone believe in him? ), but we can learn to live life anyway. When it comes to films that take on the subject of racism, we have a lot of films to choose between, in many different categories. One of my personal favourite films, that is very hard to watch, but is defineely a film that schools should be showing, and that is the 2006 British film known as This Is England. Directed by Shane Meadows ( who directed the really good drama thriller Dead Man´s Shoes, from 2004 ), This Is England tells the story of 12-year-old Shaun ( brilliant played by actor Thomas Thurgoose ), who joins a gang of skinheads, led by Woody ( a powerful performance by actor Joe Gilgun, who feels sympathy for Sean and invites him to the group. At first it may seem like Shaun is in good hands, until he meets violent skinhead known as Combo ( who is definetely the strongest acting performance in this film, from actor Stephen Graham ). This Is England is not only one of my favourite drama films about racism, this film also shows that you can change, that it is never too late to become a good human being. Director Shane Meadows knows exactly how to tell a very sad story, what happens when you don´t feel loved in society, and all you know is hate. I suggest you pick up the Double DVD release from the UK with some nice special features. I have heard about an independent horror film called Blackstock Boneyard ( also known as Rightful ), that takes on the subject of racism. Is this film surprisingly good independent horror film, or is Blackstock Boneyard supposed to be buried undeground instead ?

In the year of 1913, two landowners known as Thomas Griffin ( Davis Jite ) and Meeks Griffin ( Dean Will ) who are wrongly accused of robbery, rape and murder. In order to get a fair trial, they have to sell their land. They are found guilty and are sentenced to die in the electric chair. In the year of 2013, Judge Carol Johnson ( Terry Milam ), the grandson of the judge that sentenced the Griffins to die, is about to close a lucrative deal on the land that once was their farm. There´s just one problem, his lawyer Roger Newbold ( Jonathan Fuller ) has found another heir to the property, Lyndsy ( Ashley Welan ) and she´ll have to be convinced to sell. But as she and her friends arrive to town, the Griffins rise from the grave.

I might be one of the few movie reviewers out there that actually enjoy this film, but that is the truth. There are some issues that could have been fixed, but Blackstock Boneyard actually tries to do something different with the subject of racism. How often do you see black people come back to life, to kill racists? I think this is a great idea for a low budget horror film, to show the world, if you do something horrible towards innocent people, the past might haunt you for what you did. Let´s be honest about the acting in this film, there are some terrible performances from some of the actors. But then you have certain characters that actually works surprisingly well, such as the racist character Judge Carroll Johnson, played by actor Terry Milam ( who you might recognize from the Mark Wahlberg film Deepwater Horizon ). Even if you don´t like this character for being a racist asshole, the performance from Terry actually works, and he is able to make his character match with the plot. Actor Jonathan Fuller ( who some of you might remember from the 1995 B horror movie classic Castle Freak ) as the character Roger Newbold. Another character that also match well into the racist society. The fun part of this film is to see the , coming back to revenge that they were killed innocent. There are a few details that could have been improved, during the kills ( you do see that they rather use CGI effects than practical effects, wich is a bit of a shame ), that would have made the scenes more effective. Since this is for the most part, a very ordinary slasher film, you know what to expect. One of the positive details about this film, being a slasher, is that this film actually have a story, something that a lot of slasher film does not have. Blackstock Boneyard is a very simple horror film, that actually have an interesting story to tell. Director Andre Alfa deliver a directorial debut film that especially deals with racism, wich is important to talk about. I personally feel that they could have gone a little bit further, showing the real brutality of these evil people. Overall, i do enjoy this film, for trying a quite different approach in this genre. If you enjoy independent slasher horror films, give this one a chance.

Rating: DDD

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