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Horrible Horror Films Of The 90´s: Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac´s Return

Ah yes, the 90´s. If you were a teenager like me at that time, you remember what a great time it was. The 90´s had so much crazy stuff going on, with everything from different music genres combined, a lot of crazy films, and of course the amazing clothes of the 90´s. My favourite time of the 90´s was definetely from the middle of the 90´s, when all the crazy shit took place in my life at that time. All the great concerts we went to, the moments we would get drunk and just live life, good times. Im actually happy that i got to experience this period of time, because there was so much about the 90´s that actually made a lot of impact in our lives. Even if there are a lot of things i am thankful for about the 90´s, there were some bad things about this time period as well. Especially some films that was released at that time, and i can easily mention a couple of titles that have not aged well with time. A perfect example of that, is the 1998 horror film Carnival Of Souls. A loosely based remake of the 1962 film, that is also called Carnival Of Souls. The 1998 version of Carnival Of Souls, is a perfect example when you have a fun idea on paper, but you can´t make anything good out of it. Carnival of Souls tries to be a scary horror film at a carnival, but feels more like a lazy attempt to cash in on fans of the original film from 1962. The 1998 version of Carnival Of Souls is just as exciting as watching someone cutting a hedge, nothing much happens. Since i was going through a list of horrible horror films of the 90´s, i came across a title that immidiately gave me an headache. And when you read a film tiltle and get a headache, you know that is definetely a bad sign. The film that made me feel this headache is the 1999 horror film known as Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac´s Return. I decided to give this film a chance, if i might actually enjoy it more than what i did, over 20 years ago. Have this film actually become better after so many years, or is Children Of The Corn 6 even worse than i remembered?

Hannah Martin ( Natalie Ramsey ), the first born child of he original Gatlin corn cult, travels to the town of Gatlin to find her real mother. But a lot of strange things are happening, as she arrives to town. It seems like the Gatlin corn cult, have never really gone away.

I am a big fan of the first two Children Of The Corn films, i actually think that the second film deserves more respect, than what it got back in the 90´s. The third film was ok, but when the fourth film landed, you could feel that the franchise was going in the wrong direction.

If you thought you could not be bored of a horror film, then do i have good news for you. This is the film you are looking for.

Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac´s Return, is the sixth film in the franchise, and to be honest, the worst of the sequels of the 90´s. This film just feels like a cheap rip off from the original film, that tries to connect with the original film, but without the passion of the first two films. It almost feels like they just wanted to cash in on the title, hoping they could make money of DVD sales in the horror community. Let´s just mention the positive about this film, and that would be the return of the character Isaac ( played by actor John Franklin ) who was in the first Children Of The Corn film. Nice to see him return into the franchise, unfortunately, they have not given him much to do here. Legendary actress Nancy Allen ( who played legendary character Officer Anne Lewis in the Robocop franchise ) can also be seen in this film, and even if i wish she would have had a bigger role, still nice to see her. Legendary actor Stacy Keach ( who is excellent in the 1981 horror thriller Road Games ) is here as well, but i actually wonder why. Did he do this film just for a paycheck? Since he is a great actor, it´s hard to understand why he would do such a bad film as this one. That was the positive about this film, so you know what comes next, the negative of course. I understand that if you have a limited budget, you try and do the best you can with what you have, but it does not really feel like they even tried very hard to make this a solid sequel. Some of the characters are very weak, and most of all, the horror scenes does not work at all. There is not one single moment in this film where i felt scared, and that probably says a lot about this sequel. Some of the camera work does not work well at all, especially a car chase scene that does not even try to be effective. That this film is directed by Kari Skogland, who recently directed the really good Disney TV mini series The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, is quite incredible. You would not believe that this is the same director who made the sixth Children Of The Corn film, but she did, many years ago. She have definetely improved a lot over the years as a director, and i hope she can leave this film behind, since it is not worth wasting your precious time on. Children Of The Corn 6 is not only bad, it may also be one of the most boring horror films i have ever seen. Those who say that everything was not good about the 90´s, they are right, and this film is a perfect example of that.

Rating: D

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