fredag 24 september 2021

Why You Should Watch Mindhunter On Netflix

Cheers everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in this world. As you might have noticed, i have published a lot of reviews since this summer, and i am happy to see that my readers seems to be enjoying the reviews so far. There are more coming in October, so have no fear, lot´s of good stuff coming your way.

Today i wanted to make a post about something completely different, and that is to give you a recommendation on a Netflix TV series that you should check out. And that is the TV series known as Mindhunter. This series is exactly my kind of TV series, with high quality acting and is very well made. Mindhunter is based on the 1995 true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside The FBI´s Elite Serial Crime Unit writtern by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Mindhunter revolvs around FBI agents Holden Ford ( Jonathan Groff ) and Bill Tench ( Holt McCanally ), along with psychologist Wendy Carr ( Anna Torv ), who operate the FBI´s Behavioral Science Unit within the Training Division at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Together, they launched a research project to interview imprisoned serial killers to understand their psychology with the hope of applying this knowledge to solve ongoing cases.

There are several reasons why both seasons of Mindhunter is really good. First of all they do a wondeful job to capture the time period of each season. You can feel the atmosphere of the 70´s in the first season, and they also manage to capture the right feeling of the 80´s in the second season. Both seasons also have really good acting performances from the whole cast, and lead actors Jonathan Groff and Holt McCanally is a perfect match for their characters. Both seasons manage to tell the storyline in a very powerful way, and build up tensions for each episode. I am not suprised why legendary director David Fincher is one of the producers on this TV series. He is well known for having a good taste in quality productions, and you can almost feel a little bit of David Fincher vibes in the production. Worth mentioning is that actress Charlize Theron is also one of the producers on this TV series, wich is also a sign that this is a quality production ( Charlize is well known for having a good taste, especially in films ). There are rumours that season 3 of Mindhunters may be on the way, but nothing is officially confirmed yet. So i am really hoping that we get another season, since i feel that there is much more to be told about FBI agents Holden Ford, Bill Tench and their work with psychologist Wendy Carr. If you enjoy crime TV series, then you definetely need to see Mindhunter. Knowing that this is actually based on a real research project, makes this TV series even more interesting. Fingers crossed that we get a season 3 confirmed, and i will be jumping of joy.

So head over to Netflix, type in Mindhunter, and you will have a really good time guaranteed, going back to the 70´s and 80´s, how can anyone say no to that? Exactly, you can´t. I have plenty of reviews for all of you to read this upcoming month. And i will especially be focusing on horror films in October, since it is close to the Halloween weekend then, so if you are a fan of independent horror films, next month will be fantastic. See you all next month, take care everyone, and remember, never trust any Norwegians, especially wearing a folk dress and a violin. They are more dangerous than you could ever imagine.

Cheers from Daniel!

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